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Pinarello Dogma 2


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When Pinarello released the Dogma 2 at the Tour de France last year, it could hardly have been a more understated way to put a new bike beneath two WorldTour teams. There were no flags and balloons, no PR people and certainly nothing to test ride. In fact it would have been amazingly easy to miss it.

Fast-forward to this year and getting our hands on a test bike certainly wasn’t easy. When you look into it a bit further, you realise that Pinarello isn’t the biggest company (it is still a family-run business) and it would seem that it is struggling to keep up with demand for these frames – but why is that?

All becomes clear as soon as you head out for the first time: this frame is a work of genius. Dogma 2 fits into a very small group of bikes that truly make you want to attack the road. Going fast isn’t enough; you need – and, in fact, will positively want – to get out of the saddle and smash it down the road until the lactate in your legs makes you sit down again – it’s that good.

What has Pinarello done to get this feel? Frankly, I think we’d all like to know, as would the company: it scores highly for stiffness, weight and even aerodynamics, yet there is something else too; an extra something.


The Dogma 2 is not only great in a straight line, it's tidy around the corners too. With an oversized lower headset bearing - at 1 1/2in - it makes for a rigid front end that holds a line well, especially when really leaning on it. Combine this with the aerodynamics and stiffness and it makes for a truly inspiring first outing. As you can imagine, the pinnacle of the Pinarello range doesn't come cheap, starting at £3,950 for the frameset and rising to £4,200 for the black on black with internal electric cabling.


Group Set:Campagnolo Super Record
Frame:Torayca 60HM1K carbon
Size Range:42, 44, 46.5 sloping, 50-62cm standard
Size Tested:57cm
Supplier:Yellow Limited,
  • Damien

    After 12 months of issues of dealing with Yellow and pinarello I have given up. Pinarello reneged on a warranty 6 months in after it cracked on the downtube. The bike was never crashed, only ridden in the dry, built and serviced by a competent mechanic, and ridden at most 2-3,000 kms as I have other bikes. I had it looked at by a carbon specialist and they believe the most likely culprit is a manufacturing flaw at the time of layering. That is just the first issue. My main one was the bike was a terrible ride. I’ve owned 20 bikes now since the 1990s and ride almost daily from carbon to steel and aluminium. The dogma was the bottom 3 of the lot. It handled poorly (I think it was just incompatible with the zipp wheels I had) and felt heavy and dead. I have since warned numerous people off this brand which is a shame as I did like the prince which I owned before hand.

  • Kim Nielsen

    Hello we will buy a Pinarello Dogma 2 in size 54 so what is the prize with shimano utrega gearing

    Kim Nielsen

  • Julian Hough

    This bike is in a different league to any bike I have ever ridden. Fantastic ride quality yet super stiff.