Vittoria has really made huge leaps in performance in the last update of the Corsa tyre: utilising new compound techniques and introducing graphene into its rubber has now made it more robust for the winter

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Score 9

Vittoria Corsa Control


  • Grippy
  • Well balanced between weight, protection and durability
  • Don't sap your speed


  • Harsh ride
  • Sidewalls will look dirty quickly


Vittoria Corsa Control tyres


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The Vittoria Corsa Control has been hailed as 
“the world’s best tyre” by the Italian brand. It uses four different rubber compounds for the best mix of speed, grip, durability and puncture protection.

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The new Vittoria Corsa Control tyres are not considered an out-and-out winter tyre or a full-blown racer, but they do fall under the ‘Race’ section of the Vittoria range. Vittoria say this open tubular is purpose-built to deal with greasy cobbles and rough roads while retaining the fast-rolling Corsa attributes.

The tyres sat nicely on a pair of 
Roval CLX 50 Rapides, sitting flush with the wider rim, a little larger than the prescribed 25mm (typical on modern wide rims). The open tubular construction, which firms 
up the sidewalls, make it a little 
harder to get the tyre on the rim but the 
advantages of a fast-feeling tyre far 
outweigh this inconvenience.

These weigh in at 265g each, around 10g more than the standard Corsa tyres. You can feel that in terms of rolling resistance, but what you do get is the greater level of durability and puncture protection Vittoria talk about. Though, these are no slouch.

The Vittoria Corsa Control tyres have a very high 320tpi construction, which makes for a supple but potentially slightly delicate tyre. However, it appears to have gained the best of both worlds and after a good few hundred miles the tread still looks clean 
and cuts have been minimal, a big problem in the past for Corsa tyres especially on damp roads where they seemed to pick up all the grit easily, slowly destroying the tyre. Not so much of a problem here.

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As with all Vittoria Corsa tyres, the grip is amazing, with no scary slips or unexpected changes in traction levels. The tyres feel racy and of course look great with those tanned sidewalls. Although these will look tired and dirty very quickly in winter conditions!


Vittoria has done a great job with the Corsa Control tyres. It has brought the best of the Corsa race tyre and added what seems to be good puncture protection and durability. They sat on the Roval CLX 50s well, but when pumped up above 90psi can feel a little harsh out in the lanes on typical rough UK roads.