Download your Cycling Weekly 2021 mileage chart

Never mind apps - the only way to log your miles is on a piece of paper stuck to your fridge door. Cyclists have been doing it for over one hundred years.

Cycling Weekly magazine has been printing the annual mileage chart since the early nineteenth century. Before Strava, there were GPS devices, before GPS there was cyclometers - or speedometers - and before them maps. Cyclists have always measured the distance they ride over the course of a calendar year and vowed to do more the next

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For decades, Cycling's mileage chart, printed in the first issue of the year was one of the only ways to track your miles other than a standard diary. Readers of Cycling would send in their charts at the end of the year and throughout January the magazine would look at the riding of those who hit the big numbers, and those who pushed themselves to achieve more.

>>>>Download the mileage chart as a high res pdf here

Readers still send us their mileage charts, a practice that has been reborn through the CW5000, and there are many different ways to fill them in. Some use lines, others fill in all the squares and some use different colours. The sections at the bottom allow you to tally up your weekly total each month, add them together for a monthly total and a final section in red for your accumulative mileage through the year. Although most of us use Strava, Garmin Connect or any other site, there is something pleasing to have such a sheet stuck to the wall or fridge and instantly see your miles adding up through the year.

This year, as we've teamed up with Alzheimers Research UK we've added a 'money raised' box in the top right so people can flag the work they've put in for a good cause.

Just some of the mileage charts sent in by riders taking on the CW5000 in 2020

This year's mileage chart was printed in the January 7 issue of Cycling Weekly. You can subscribe to the magazine to ensure you never miss an issue and have it delivered direct to your door each week.

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