ERG mode for indoor cycling explained: what it is, how to use it - and when you shouldn't...

ERG mode is great for holding you to the power outputs required by your training sessions, but there are downsides to producing an effort in this way...

Male cyclist using ERG mode on his smart trainer for his indoor cycling session
(Image credit: Future)

If you have a mid- to top-end smart trainer - and use some of the best training apps for cycling, such as Zwift - then you'll have the option of completing your indoor workouts using ERG mode. But what, exactly, does this setting do?

Put simply, when ERG mode is switched on, your bike trainer will help you ride at a set power output by automatically adjusting the resistance to match your cycling cadence - no matter how fast or slow you turn your legs, the trainer will adjust itself to keep you at that set wattage.

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