Doing more cycling in the 'sweetspot' training zone could revolutionise your fitness - here's why

The ‘comfortably hard’ zone just below FTP promises sweet rewards for your aerobic fitness, but how much and how often is best for you? Pro coach Brendan Housler explains

Image shows rider completing a sweetspot training session.

Joe Baker (Daniel Gould)

“I need a plan this year, otherwise I’m just going to end up riding around doing random workouts,” said my mate Chris as we caught our breath at the side of the road. It was a crisp day earlier this winter, and we had just completed one of those spontaneous sprints, the kind with no clear training objective. “At best, it’ll involve trying the latest thing I’ve read about. I’m just not sure what I should be doing at the moment.”

As much as Chris loves riding and racing, he can’t currently justify the cost of a coach, so he started to look around at online templates and training plans, desperate for some structure. He was baffled by the number of different plans on offer, but one specific type caught his eye.

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