I tried 5 alternatives to the old 20-minute FTP test - and I won’t be going back

An exploration of ways to keep your FTP accurate and up to date without 20-minute tests

Male cyclist riding the Garmin Tacx Neo Bike Plus
(Image credit: Josh Ross)

One of the things I like to tell people is that if you want to get fast on a bike, you need a power meter. Things like wheels and aero frames are great but if your primary goal is getting fast, start browsing our list of the best power meters for cycling. The options are more expansive and cost less than ever before, but the payback to your riding is far greater than anything else you can buy. 

There's a catch though. Unlike buying a set of wheels and putting them on your bike, buying a power meter requires work if you want to see change. Simply said, power meters make you faster because they give you the insight into the engine that is your body. Unlocking the potential for improvement means putting that insight to use for training. The place that starts is with FTP

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