Trainer Road uses machine learning to offer 'Adaptive Training'

The online platform has stepped its services up a gear

(Image credit: Trainer Road)

Trainer Road has announced a new, machine learning based training system that will help riders to tailor their home cycling workouts to their strengths, weaknesses - and goals.

'Adaptive Training' will analyse performance during each workout, providing insight into real-time relative abilities across power zones. 

“Adaptive Training is the result of years of work, founded on input from our community. Everyone is different, and I always encourage folks to meet themselves where they are with their training. I'm thrilled to say Adaptive Training does just that," said TrainerRoad’s Amber Pierce.

The system uses 'Progression Levels', to show a rider's ability across different power zones, and Adaptive Training will then adjust a riders training plan in line with their goals and abilities. So, for example, a rider who intends to compete in road races and has a strong FTP but comparatively poor five-second sprint power will be prescribed sessions to improve on their kick.

Comparisons could be drawn to The Sufferfest's 4DP test, which then tailors workouts to a rider's own abilities and suggests workouts to improve on weaknesses.

Trainer Road training plan

A new feature called 'TrainNow' will also use insights from Adaptive Training to suggest individual workouts for riders who prefer to pick their sessions daily, supplementing less structured riding, as opposed to following a daily plan.

“You’re an individual, and now your training plan is, too,” explained TrainerRoad CEO Nate Pearson. “Every workout is intelligently chosen to be as effective as possible, and to address your unique needs and goals as an athlete. It combines the science-based coaching principles TrainerRoad is built on, with a data set gleaned from millions of completed workouts. We truly believe this is the future of cycling training, and we’re so excited to help every TrainerRoad athlete reach their goals and get faster like never before.” 

“Whether you’re a seasoned racer with years of experience, or a beginning athlete with limited time to train, Adaptive Training will make you faster,” said TrainerRoad head coach Chad Timmerman. “It’s powerful, it’s flexible, and it’s continually customized to you. Every cyclist will benefit.”

Adaptive Training is currently in closed beta mode, but individual aspects will be released soon, starting with TrainNow and data-driven updates to existing TrainerRoad training plans.

The at home training brand says that the full Adaptive Training functionality will be available for all TrainerRoad athletes in the near future. In the meantime, athletes can request priority access to try out Adaptive Training on

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