What can we learn from the mindsets of the pros? Tom Pidcock, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and others share their outlooks for success

Could your cycling benefit from an illuminating shift in thinking? Sports psychologist Dr Josephine Perry outlines 10 proven lightbulb moments – switches waiting to be flicked

Image shows Tom Pidcock who shares his winning mindset with Cycling Weekly
(Image credit: Getty Images / Tim de Waele)

Mind-altering lightbulb moments are rare in cycling, but when they come, they can change forever how we think about our habits and beliefs. Six-time Olympic champion Chris Hoy provided one of my all-time favourites when he talked about overcoming his debilitating nerves by learning to translate them from threat signals into a wellspring of excitement. In summing up this shift, he said: “I’m no longer anxious – I am adrenalised!” 

That such changes are possible proves that there is no universal ‘winning mindset’ to be emulated or adopted wholesale. To be successful, we do not need to cut and paste a formula that tells us exactly how to be. Instead, we must pick and choose the techniques, tools and approaches that complement our character, temperament and routine – finding our own ‘lightbulb moments’ along the way. 

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