Best Bontrager tools and accessories: from pumps to bottle cages and multi-tools

Found by Keith Bontrager back in the 1980s, Bontrager Cycles used to manufacture mountain bike frames, wheels, forks, and the like, before it was acquired bike Trek in 1995.

The brand has since become the in-house parts and accessories label for Trek, producing everything from helmets to wheels, tires, and clothing.

Bontrager also makes a full range of tools and small accessories that don't quite garner the headlines of its bigger ticket items. Still, there is no shortage of clever and innovative kit as you dig a little deeper into Bontrager's range. There are also quite a few bits that are branded as Bontrager, but in actuality are made by other brands like Crankbrothers, Unior, and Garmin. Regardless, Bontrager’s tools and accessories are price competitive without sacrificing any quality.

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Bontrager tools

Bontrager Pro Multi-Tool

Boasting 15 tools, the Bontrager Pro Multi-tool has hexes from 2mm-8mm, a T25, Philips, and flathead bits and can turn 0-3mm spoke nipples. A magnet case protects the bits from grit and grime and can be used as an extension to add leverage if need be.

The case has an integrated chain tool compatible with 8-12-speed drivetrains and a bottle opener too for post-ride refreshments.

Bontrager Comp Multitool

Bontrager Comp Multi-Tool

Priced at $10, the Bontrager Comp Multi-tool has all the bits you'll need out riding, alloy sides and quality bits that will last for years.

Multitools are always toeing the line between size and practicality, and the comp tool finds the right balance; long enough to provide ample leverage over a sticky bolt but not so big that it commands too much space in a saddlebag or pocket.

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Bontrager Flatkit

Bontrager Pro Flat Pack

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Flat tires happen, and having your repair kit sorted is key to avoiding the embarrassing can-you-pick-me-up phone call. Bontrager's Pro Flat Pack has everything you need except for a tube and even comes with a handy case to keep it all together.

Inside the zippered neoprene wallet you'll find a set of fancy tire levers, the brand's Air Rush Inflator, two CO2 cartridges, and a vulcanizing patch kit. Bontrager even throws in a reusable canister koozie, so when the cartridge gets frosty in use, it won't stick to your fingers. Inside the case, there is enough room to hold your ID, some cash, and your house keys too.

Bontrager Gel Cork

Bontrager Gel Cork Handlebar Tape

Hot take: Gel Cork bar tape is the best bar tape. It lasts forever, cleans up pretty well, is easy to work with, doesn't get slippery in the wet, and, most importantly, it's comfortable on your hands.

There are literally thousands of different versions of Gel Cork bar tape on the market, and while there is a vast disparity between the good and bad stuff, Bontrager's version is up there with the best.

It's available in colors to match any bike (or saddle if that's more your speed). The best part, however, is that it only costs $20.

Bontrager Supertack Bar tape

Bontrager Super Tack Handlebar tape

If you couldn't tell, this writer really, really likes Gel Cork handlebar tape, but if you were going to twist my arm, the super tacky style tape would be a close second. The rubberized texture is grippy, even in the wet or with sunscreen infused sweaty hands.

The trouble is if you go for the popular stuff from Supacaz or Lizard Skins, it costs the better part of $50.Bontrager's Super Tack handlebar tape is every bit as comfortable and grippy and is priced far more reasonably.

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Bontrager Batcage

Bat Cage

Bontrager's Bat Cage was first launched in 1997, and the simple injection-molded bottle cage has been effective at keeping your drinks firmly attached to the bike for over two decades. The overall design hasn't changed, though, and in 2019 the brand announced it would now be made using discarded and end-of-life fishing nets. Something we most certainly approve of.

Thanks to Trek’s partnership with a company called Bureo, which specializes in collecting and processing old fishing nets into the tiny plastic pellets used for injection molding, the Bat Cage took44,000 square feet (3,850 pounds) of discarded fishing net out of the ocean in 2019 alone.

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Bontrager XXXcage

XXX Water Bottle Cage

For the weight weenies out there, the XXX cage is made from Trek's OCLV carbon fiber and weighs just 20g. Their minimalist design holds bottles secure, preventing the dreaded drink ejection when you roll through a rough sector speed, and the received bolts don’t gouge your bottles on the way in or out.

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Bontrager Flash Pump

TLR Flach Charger Floor Pump

With tubeless tires gaining steam for roadies, and being standard of gravel and mountain bikes, seating tubeless tires is becoming a required skill of home mechanics everywhere. While some can coax tires beads to pop into place with a standard floor pump, flash charger pumps can get the job done without you breaking a sweat.

Featuring a dual-chamber design, the TLR Flash Charger pump works as a traditional floor pump, but when the red lever is set to 'Charge,' it will build pressure in the integrated chamber. Flip the same lever to inflate and bang: all that stored air rushes into the tire, and you'll hear the sweet ping of tire beads snapping into place. Bontrager has also integrated a large format digital gauge that provides an accurate reading up to 160psi.

Bontrager Flash Can

TLR Flash Can

If you have already had a high-quality shop pump and don't want to drop the money on a whole new pump just for the flash charger, the TRL Flash Can might be the way to go if you don’t have room for an air compressor.

Essentially a free-standing pressure canister, use your standard floor pump to inflate the charger to 160psi, attach the integrated pump head — which plays nice with both Presta and Schrader — to your tire, valve flick the lever and wait to hear the pings of the tire bead seating.

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Bontrager Air Rush Road

Bontrager Air Rush Road Mini Pump

The fewer tools you have to carry when you head out on a bike ride means not only do you have more space for snacks and layers, but also mean there is one fewer thing to forget. The Bontrager Air Road Road Mini Pump combines a mini pump that works with both Presta and Schrader valves and a CO2 inflator into the same tool.

Weighing 72g, it's small enough to fit in a jersey pocket and comes with a bottle cage mount. Even with its compact design,it won’t leave you pumping on the roadside for hours, and while the integrated inflator head makes quick work of flats.

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