BMX rider performs extraordinary stunts for Red Bull video

Sebastian Keep has released the video More Walls with his sponsors Red Bull

Red Bull Sebastian Keep More Walls
(Image credit: Red Bull)

Red Bull BMX rider Sebastian Keep has released an incredible showcase of his talent on two wheels with the release of YouTube video More Walls, where he rides even quicker ramps and bigger walls than in his first edit Walls from 2017.

Filmed over the past two years, Keep has learned from the first edit to try and portray his extraordinary skill, with new locations helping him put his BMX tyre marks even higher on walls.

The BMXer visits car parks, abandoned factories and busy roads in locations around Birmingham, Northampton and Brighton, highlighting his vision to set up stunts in areas no one would think possible.

Keep said: “You don’t need to travel far to discover amazing riding spots in this country - obviously travel has been restricted anyway, but More Walls is about showcasing these spots around the UK."

The nature of the challenge did incite fear within him though, something he managed to overcome with the help of a sports psychologist. Preparing for More Walls he used the psychologist's knowledge to channel his energy into the right areas so that he performed at his best.

"Going into More Walls, I was quite stressed by such a big challenge. It’s something that all BMXers battle with – that fear of doing something that could hurt you.

"The psychologist told me fear is normal. You have to understand that you can use it. OK, I’m scared, but I’m also excited and prepared. That helped a lot.”

The pandemic also meant that filming was halted for more than a year. However, Keep clearly didn't let this affect him.

“I’m relaxed about it,” he says. “You can’t waste energy worrying about things you can’t change. I’d rather spend five years getting it right than rushing it.”

He first started performing stunts on ramps with a BMX aged 11. Now 38, the Red Bull sponsored athlete is still searching for that adrenaline rush by performing more daring tricks, as seen in More Walls.

An accomplished BMX rider, Ride UK magazine awarded Keep a lifetime achievement award in 2011 following a decade of professional victories at BMX competitions. He then became a Red Bull sponsored rider in 2005.

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