CW5000 January challenges

Go looking for a new climb and complete 15 rides in one month.

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Happy new year to all our regular CW5000 riders, and a very warm welcome to anyone who has recently signed up to take on our annual mileage challenge

We hope you riding has already started and that this challenge is offering you that extra motivation to swing your leg over the bike and head out for a ride, or plug away on the turbo. 

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However you complete your riding in January, we've got two challenges to help get you out and about. There's no focus on fitness at this time of year, just on getting you riding. 

But be warned, they will get progressively harder as the weather gets better and our riding increases. If you haven't already done so, sign up to the challenge and you’ll get these emailed to you each month, an invite to the private Facebook group and access to our weekly winter Zwift rides

As ever we encourage our riders to let us know about their riding and how they tackle the challenges we set; the roads and routes they chose and whether or not they completed them. Send your ride info to


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We always like to include an explorative challenge early in the year. Getting big-mile-rides in can be tough in January but there are other reasons to ride. We like nothing better than poring over a map and discovering new roads, and even better, finding new climbs. So this is your first challenge for January. We’ll accept bridleways and roads to nowhere where you have to turn around and roll back down once you’ve reached the top. Kudos to anyone getting a KOM on their chosen climb at this time of year.

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This might be the toughest January challenge we’ve set as it means riding every other day. We’re setting it to help get you back into the habit of regular riding, which can be tough at this time of year. However, we’re not putting an upper or lower limit on the length of each ride, so it could just be popping down to the shops. As long as you’re out, pedalling, it counts. Indoor rides count too, of course, although a ride split by a coffee stop only counts one. Good luck!

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