Dr Hutch: Do cycling fans need to up their game?

Cycling isn’t best suited to cheering spectators so it’s hardly surprising fans awkwardly utter such nonsense, says Dr Hutch

Dr Hutch getting cheered on
(Image credit: Getty)

As a group, cyclists have remarkably few character flaws. I say this with confidence, because we have so effortlessly shrugged off the attacks of tabloid papers, the massed ranks of Twitter and (depressingly often) members of our own families.

However, there is one area of life where we do underperform. If you watch a football match (or most other spectator sports) there is a degree of organised cheering, singing and chanting that we’ve never mastered. There have been a few creditable attempts (the Beefeaters on Alpe d’Huez, for example), but generally we’re terrible.

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