Final two CW5000 challenges for 2022

The fun never stops with a bonus challenge thrown in for good measure this December

CW5000 challenges
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As we pedal toward the end of the year I have to admit to already be thinking about 2023. Looking at my time off work around Christmas and new year and thinking about the riding I can do to start to get in good shape for next year. Spoiler alert, it never happens. My Christmas period is dictated almost entirely by family events and riding gets pushed down the list of priorities.

What will be your focus? Cramming the last few miles in to try and reach the 5,000 mark and join the CW5000 finishers, simply surviving winter, or maybe you'll take some time off the bike. Whatever you do, enjoy it. 

No matter your annual mileage, how many monthly challenges you've completed, whether or not you've done more or less than last year, what matters is that you've enjoyed your riding. That's what this challenge is really all about. 

But before I get ahead of myself and focus on the end of the year,  we have two final challenges for to round off the year. In fact, make that three, with a little bonus challenge thrown in for good measure. 

As always, let me know how you get on with these, either via email ( or on the Facebook group. I'll be in touch later in the month to let you know about continuing with the CW5000 in 2023.

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Picture challenge

1. Get a picture by a Christmas tree. Towns and cities across the country have their decorations up, so head out and get a picture of you or your bike by a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations or Christmas lights. They can be big or small. A town's high street lights or a house that has gone over the top with light-up reindeers in their front garden or an inflatable Father Christmas climbing up the roof.

CW5000 challenges

Look out for Christmas trees on your next ride

(Image credit: Future)

Distance challenge

CW5000 challenges

(Image credit: Future)

2. Ride 75 miles in a week. It probably won't be your biggest week of the year, but managing this in December can still be a challenge as the temperature drops and the daylight hours dwindle. For the purposes of this challenge, a week is seven days in a row, you don't have to start on a Monday. 


Go out for a ride on the shortest day. This year Winter solstice is Wednesday, December 21 with just seven hours 49 minutes and 42 seconds of daylight in London. Whether you think this is the worst day of the year because it's so short, or the best because it means days start to get longer from tomorrow, celebrate it with a ride. Preferably an outdoor ride, but we will accept indoor rides too. A special prize for anyone who manages a 7:49hr ride!

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