CW5000 2022 finishers club

Find out who has completed our 5,000 mile challenge, and when they did it. Keep logging your miles if you want to be added

CW5000 finishers list
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Who has completed our 5,000 mile challenge this year, and when did they do it by? Scroll down through the 2022 finishers list and find out. Every rider listed below has signed up to the CW5000 and sent proof of their mileage. If you have completed the challenge and want to see your name on the list, email us at

We'll need to see proof of your mileage, which can be a screen grab of your Strava profile or other ride logging site. We just need to be able see your name and the total mileage on the screen shot. Spreadsheets, training diaries and CW Mileage charts are also accepted. If you know the date you finished, include that in your email.

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It's never too late to sign up to the CW5000 challenge. Whenever you sign up you get to include all miles ridden from January 1, 2022. Once you sign up you will be sent monthly challenges, updates and get access to the private Facebook group.

1st Ross Duncan
Date completed: January 31
Before the start of the year, Ross Duncan set himself the challenge of riding 5,000 miles in one month. No stranger to long hours in the saddle, Duncan had to ride 161 miles a day to complete the challenge, just one that he'd set himself for 2022. Read how he went about clocking up the miles in this interview with him.

2nd Nick Anderson
Date completed: February 23

3rd Catherine Allen
Date completed: February 26

4th Barrie Morris
Date completed: March 24

5th John Peaston
Date completed: March 26

6th Simon Hickman
Date completed: March 21

7th Michael Padwick
Date completed: April 13

8th Lonnie Madox
Date completed: April 25

9th Tizzie Chandler
Date completed: April 27

10th Jamie Brown
Date completed: May 4

David Cox
Date completed: May 22

Stephe Fletcher
Date completed: May 23
173,517 feet climbed over the 5,000 miles

Steve Walmsley
Date completed: June 6

Andy Bell
Date completed: June 9

Martin Power
Date completed: June 12

All outdoor miles

Lionel Spooner
Date completed: June 18

Damian Gray
Date completed: June 26

Kevin Meldrum
Date completed: June 27

Rod Smith
Date completed: July 3

Rob Davidson
Date completed: July 5

Robert Welham
Date completed: July 10

Stephen Milner
Date completed: July 10
Hit 5,000 miles halfway up Alp d'Huez during L'Etape du Tour. All miles ridden outdoors in 2022 and gaining over 250,000ft of ascent. 

Tom Niersbach
Date completed: July 18

Peter Robinson
Date completed: July 27

Chris Dauris
Date completed: July 27

Kelvin Knight
Date completed: July 29

Graham Hughes
Date completed: Aug 4

Christopher Walsh
Date completed: Aug 9

Tom Macfarlane
Date completed: Aug 10

Neil Withnell
Date completed: Aug 12

Gavin Vest
Date completed: Aug 17

Jason Taylor
Date completed: Aug 18
Now completed the CW5000 three years running. 

Olivia Poole
Date completed: Aug 21

Steve Cockram
Date completed: Aug 25
All ridden on 68" fixed bikes

Steve Dickinson
Date completed: Aug 25
Now completed the CW5000 three years running. 

Stacey Larkin
Date completed: Aug 29

Peter Evans
Date completed: Aug 29

Sebastian Witek
Date completed: Aug 30

Gavin Finch
Date completed: Aug 30

Andy Knapton
Date completed: Aug 31

Alex Graham
Date completed: Aug 31
Now completed the CW5000 three years running.

Iain Clark
Date completed: Sept 4

Geoff Carter
Date completed: Sept 4

Phil Ward
Date completed: Sept 8

John Wells
Date completed: Sept 14
All road miles

Leslie Reissner
Date completed: Sept 16
Has completed the CW5000 three years running

Ian Smith
Date completed: Sept 23

Jeremy Ott
Date completed: Sept 24
Challenge completed on 236rd day of the year, having ridden on 154 of those days. 21.22 miles a day average, 75 rides over 100km.

Mark Skinner
Date completed: Sept 25

Mark Swanson
Date completed: Sept 26

Bill White
Date completed: Sept 29

Andy Hutchings
Date completed: Oct 5

Tim Woolridge
Date completed: Oct 6

Tim Banks
Date completed: Oct 9

Gordon Reid
Date completed: Oct 9

Iain Baker
Date completed: Oct 11

Jake Lunt
Date completed: Oct 11
Has now completed the CW5000 three years running

Ian Ward
Date completed: Oct 12

Berry Puyk
Date completed: Oct 16

Peter Sweeney
Date completed: Oct 16

Phil Hatton
Date completed: Oct 18

David Bristow
Date completed: Oct 18

Richard Wilson
Date completed: Oct 21

Andy Hopper
Date completed: Oct 22

Alison Matthews
Date completed: Oct 22

Steve Mavin
Date completed: Oct 25

Carolyn Taylor
Date completed: Oct 26

Andy Gaul
Date completed: Oct 27
328 hours on the bike, 104,301ft climbed

Stephen White
Date completed: Oct 30

James Munson
Date completed: Oct 30

Chris Woodcock
Date completed: Oct 31

Eddie Miles
Date completed: Nov 4

David Holland
Date completed: Nov 6

Stephen Walker
Date completed: Nov 6
Completed in 347 hours, in 295 rides and with 158,000 ft of climbing

Harry Taylor
Date completed: Nov 9

David Parker
Date completed: Nov 10

Paul Roberts
Date completed: Nov 13

Ann Darbyshire
Date completed: Nov 17

Piers Newson-Smith
Date completed: Nov 19

Ross Brennan
Date completed: Nov 20

Ron Bradley

John Binczyk

Scott Hayworth

Mark Tonks

Cindy Mok

Mark Smith

David Griffiths

Gareth Olley

Pete Franks

Colin Harris

Linda Palmer

Giles Borton

Paul Campbell

Clifford Smith

Justin Howe

Kevin Palmer

Andrew Luck

Peter Bevan

Anne Wilson

Mike Googe

Stuart Parker

Mark Parlour

Peter Salkus

Steve Bell
Now completed the CW5000 three years running

Chris Reeve

Rob Phillips

Oliver Dyson

Andy Myers

Kevan Fox

Jerry Nicholls

Ben Phillips

Spence Trivett

Debbie Henderson

Eamonn Donnelly

Les Thomas
Now completed the CW5000 three years running

Martin Wright

Peter Brown

Mark Runge
Reached 100,000m of elevation over the course of the challenge

Oliver Emmerson-Fish

Peter Farnley

Mary and Gary Boothroyd
Both have now completed the challenge three years running

Steve Ainscow

Ken Castle

Beth Phillips

David Saleem
Completed in 108 rides with an average distance of 46.6 miles per ride

Andrew Bayliss

Philip Day

Danny Howard

Jeremy Tucker

Colin Bezant

Mark Welch

Alex Jeynes

Christopher Allum

Martin Bane

Stuart Caton

Steve Webster

Chris Ronan

Keith Scott

Tony Reeve

Kevin Bannister

Nick Sunley

Glenn Jones

Saulius Grigas

Martin Carr
Now completed the CW5000 three years running

Geoff Hartley

Andy Cartlidge

Scott Digert

Richard Vandermark

Ian Long

Kate Alderson

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