CW5000 Finishers club

If you've signed up to the CW5000 and completed the distance be sure to let us know. You can email us at or post on the CW5000 Facebook page. Be sure to let us know where and when you hit the target and any other stats about your riding this year. For those who aren't close to the target, don't worry, there's still a long way to go this year.

More and more CW5000 riders are now reaching the target mileage so here is our hall of fame. If you’ve signed up to the challenge and completed the mileage, send a screen grab of your Strava profile page (or whatever mile logging tool you use) and we’ll add you to the list. Email

Ross Duncan

Early in April Ross Duncan became the first rider to reach 5,000 miles in 2020. Based in Dunfermline, just north of Edinburgh, he has taken part in multiple fund raising events that have seen him clock up huge mileage. “One week I did 750miles riding from Edinburgh to Harrogate then London to Edinburgh as part of a charity ride called Wounded Lions 500.”

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Duncan raised around £10,000 for good causes in 2019, and when we spoke to him last week he was at it again, 151 miles in to a 240 mile ride on Zwift. This time for the Around The World in One Day challenge, raising money for charities and foundations that work with the NHS.

“When I started riding I thought I was going to do crits, road races and time trials, but I was no where near fast enough. I thought, what could I do? I needed to challenge myself. I did the Revolve 24hr race at Brands Hatch and came fourth in my first year. I’d never done anything like it before. Last year I won with 450 miles.”

Elaine Scott

Elaine Scott became the third person to hit the 5,000 mile target during a ride on May 10. The Hawick CC member has been racking up the miles in the Scottish Borders all year and taking part in the club’s informal lockdown time trials where riders cover a predetermined route and upload their ride. “It’s my first experience of taking part in time trials and I’m totally loving it especially as they have been hilly routes.

“I started cycling about two years ago after watching a time trial in which women my age were taking part and felt inspired.

“I suffered from anorexia in my 20s and 30s along with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Cycling has given me the strength and confidence to finally over come this and I’ve never been so happy healthy and fit. And I love the camaraderie and banter that comes with being a member of a club.”

Simon Hickman

Commuter extraordinaire, Simon ticked through the 5000 mile barrier on April 11. We featured him in the magazine in early March after spotting some huge rides in the Strava club between his home in Kent and his work in London. His aim is to hit 20,000 miles by the end of the year.

Corinne Black

Riding the distance of the Tour de France over 21 consecutive days during lockdown helped Corinne reach the 5,000 mile total on May 13.

Giles Cudmore

Giles ticked over 5,000 miles on June 21 after completing 216 rides gaining over 53,000m in the process. His longest ride was 73 miles, his shortest 1.86 miles. To collect some cat litter, apparently. As he said – they all count!

Alastair Flood

Alastair from Twickenham rode through the 5,000 mile barrier in June. Averaging 262 miles a week he’s now approaching 400hrs on his bike this year.

Ali Mclean

A 70 mile ride on June 19 brought Ali up to the target. Getting the miles in clearly boosted his appetite as he put 2kg on during the challenge!

Andy Singleton

Andy hit the target on June 20 with a big ride out to the Peak District with his mates.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen reached 5,000 miles on June 19 having only completed short rides for the previous three months of lockdown. Stephen’s Veloviewer infographic showed he’d don’t 299hrs of riding and been active on 141 days. His biggest ride was 79 miles.

Peter Harrison

Now aiming for 10,000 miles in 2020 Peter easily hit the target and his longest ride was only 49 miles, proving you don’t have to do massive rides to complete the challenge, but just ride regularly.

John Lunt

John hit the target on June 19. While clocking up the miles he climbed Everest 6.2 times, according to his Veloviewer infographic.

Fergus Black

Another rider to complete the mileage on June 19, Fergus is one of our most northerly riders, based near Dundee. He averages 264 miles every week.

Paul Willcox

Ex-pat Paul racked up his five thousandth mile on Amarat mountain, in Muscat. A climb made famous by the Tour of Oman.

Marko Baloh

Stephen Milner

Lincoln Allen

Dave Baxter (May 24)

Richard Reynolds

Ian Ransom (June 19)

Gavin Stewart

Barrie Morris (April 23)

Richard Aspinall

Alan Steele (June 12)

John Walkden

Luke Holmes (June 27)

Paul Watkins

William Taylor (June 29)

Justin Howe

Stephen Copeland

David Swait (June 30)

Richard Ellis (June 28)

Ryan McGlen (June 29)

Andy Bell (June 29)

Adrian Lauchlan (June 27)

Gary Barnes (May 9)

Jonathan Douglass

John Richardson

Richard Maplethorpe (June 30)

Russell Carson (June 25)

You can join the CW5000 challenge at any point in the year and include all your miles from January 1. Sign up is free and will entitle you to enter some of your monthly competitions.