If you've signed up to the CW5000 and completed the distance be sure to let us know. You can email us at cycling@futurenet.com or post on the CW5000 Facebook page. Be sure to let us know where and when you hit the target and any other stats about your riding this year. For those who aren't close to the target, don't worry, there's still a long way to go this year.

More and more CW5000 riders are now reaching the target mileage so here is our hall of fame. If you've signed up to the challenge and completed the mileage, send a screen grab of your Strava profile page (or whatever mile logging tool you use) and we'll add you to the list. Email cycling@futurenet.com. If you're on the list, now is your chance to download your certificate or pre-order one of the 2020 CW5000 medals. Order now and it will be sent out as soon as they arrive with us in December.

Ross Duncan

Early in April Ross Duncan became the first rider to reach 5,000 miles in 2020. Based in Dunfermline, just north of Edinburgh, he has taken part in multiple fund raising events that have seen him clock up huge mileage. “One week I did 750miles riding from Edinburgh to Harrogate then London to Edinburgh as part of a charity ride called Wounded Lions 500.”

Duncan raised around £10,000 for good causes in 2019, and when we spoke to him last week he was at it again, 151 miles in to a 240 mile ride on Zwift. This time for the Around The World in One Day challenge, raising money for charities and foundations that work with the NHS.

“When I started riding I thought I was going to do crits, road races and time trials, but I was no where near fast enough. I thought, what could I do? I needed to challenge myself. I did the Revolve 24hr race at Brands Hatch and came fourth in my first year. I’d never done anything like it before. Last year I won with 450 miles.”

(Image credit: Gavan Connolly GC Photographics)

Elaine Scott

Elaine Scott became the third person to hit the 5,000 mile target during a ride on May 10. The Hawick CC member has been racking up the miles in the Scottish Borders all year and taking part in the club’s informal lockdown time trials where riders cover a predetermined route and upload their ride. “It’s my first experience of taking part in time trials and I’m totally loving it especially as they have been hilly routes.

“I started cycling about two years ago after watching a time trial in which women my age were taking part and felt inspired.

“I suffered from anorexia in my 20s and 30s along with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Cycling has given me the strength and confidence to finally over come this and I’ve never been so happy healthy and fit. And I love the camaraderie and banter that comes with being a member of a club.”

Simon Hickman

Commuter extraordinaire, Simon ticked through the 5000 mile barrier on April 11. We featured him in the magazine in early March after spotting some huge rides in the Strava club between his home in Kent and his work in London. His aim is to hit 20,000 miles by the end of the year.

Corinne Black

Riding the distance of the Tour de France over 21 consecutive days during lockdown helped Corinne reach the 5,000 mile total on May 13.

Giles Cudmore

Giles ticked over 5,000 miles on June 21 after completing 216 rides gaining over 53,000m in the process. His longest ride was 73 miles, his shortest 1.86 miles. To collect some cat litter, apparently. As he said – they all count!

Alastair Flood

Alastair from Twickenham rode through the 5,000 mile barrier in June. Averaging 262 miles a week he’s now approaching 400hrs on his bike this year.

Ali Mclean

A 70 mile ride on June 19 brought Ali up to the target. Getting the miles in clearly boosted his appetite as he put 2kg on during the challenge!

Andy Singleton

Andy hit the target on June 20 with a big ride out to the Peak District with his mates.

Stephen Thompson

Stephen reached 5,000 miles on June 19 having only completed short rides for the previous three months of lockdown. Stephen’s Veloviewer infographic showed he’d don’t 299hrs of riding and been active on 141 days. His biggest ride was 79 miles.

Peter Harrison

Now aiming for 10,000 miles in 2020 Peter easily hit the target and his longest ride was only 49 miles, proving you don’t have to do massive rides to complete the challenge, but just ride regularly.

John Lunt

John hit the target on June 19. While clocking up the miles he climbed Everest 6.2 times, according to his Veloviewer infographic.

Fergus Black

Another rider to complete the mileage on June 19, Fergus is one of our most northerly riders, based near Dundee. He averages 264 miles every week.

Paul Willcox

Ex-pat Paul racked up his five thousandth mile on Amarat mountain, in Muscat. A climb made famous by the Tour of Oman.

Marko Baloh

Stephen Milner

Lincoln Allen

Dave Baxter (May 24)

Richard Reynolds

Ian Ransom (June 19)

Gavin Stewart

Barrie Morris (April 23)

Richard Aspinall

Tom Portsmouth (May 31) Rayner Foundation rider

Alan Steele (June 12)

John Walkden

Luke Holmes (June 27)

Paul Watkins

William Taylor (June 29)

Justin Howe

Stephen Copeland

Stuart Almedia (June 21)

David Swait (June 30)

Richard Ellis (June 28)

Ryan McGlen (June 29)

Andy Bell (June 29)

Adrian Lauchlan (June 27)

Gary Barnes (May 9)

Jonathan Douglass

John Richardson

Richard Maplethorpe (June 30)

Russell Carson (June 25)

Matthew Grant (June)

Mike Edge (July 2)

Colin Harris (July 8)

Nick Mannerings (July 10)

Andras Vigh (July 11)

Mark Fairhead (July 16)

Stephen Moore (July 16)

Mark Skinner

James Powell (August 8)

Paul Shoesmith (July 14)

Rob Hales

Roger Howells 

Chris White

Ken Howarth

Tim Steel

Mark Chappell (Aug 6)

Philip Drew 

Martin Power

Andy Drake

Nick Mannerings

Gareth Olley (July 25)

Peter Robinson

Graham Hughes

Filomena Gomes (Aug 1)

Ned Newlin

Pedro Nogo

Claire Geary (Aug 12)

Tom Niersbach

Jim Purvis

Ian Smith

Venessa Croft

David DesRoches

Robert Welham

Alex Jalland

Adam Garner

John Jackson

Peter Hearnden

Emma Whitehouse

Philip Taylor (Aug 11)

Stu Tomlinson

Jonathan Newbould

Paul Duncan

Ray Racher

Charlie Pilkington

Iain Clark

Michelle Arthurs-Brennan

Mac Macdonald

Peter Farnley

Ian Marshall

Keith Scott

Chris Baird

Kt Hamer

Paul Weston

Phil Canale

Greg Hibbert

Mike Edwards

Roy Henderson (Aug 19)

Paul Curtis

Ian Long

Steve Brown

Stacey Larkin

Richard Windsor

Gethin Howells (Aug 12)

Dave Cox

Christopher Walsh

Danny Mitchell

Phil Canale

Joe Endersby

Cindy Mok

John Binczyk

Anthony Snyman

Robert Wells

Stephen Potter

Andy Medhurst

Gareth Bufton

Phil Brookes

Jason Taylor

Marc Akuczonek

Mark Taylor (Aug 16)

Darryl Urquhart-Dixon

Graham Moss

Keith Chant

Gary Dowthwaite

Ian Fraser

Jonathan Stein (Aug 30)

Marcus Mcquillan

Paul Todd

Matt Dowse

Robert Walker

Gerry Burnham

Philip Allen (Aug 20)

Andrew Bruans

Alan Silver (August 3)

John Peaston

Steven Jones (September 03)

Eddy Loftus

Lew Lawton

Ali Bartlam

Nick Webber (August 19)

Lisa Dawes 

Tony Jones

Tom Kinealy

Jenny Goddard

Chris North

Andy Taylor

Juan Mangas-Sanchez

Keith Houghton 

Martin King (September 04)

Paul Carter (September 04)

Steve Gabriel

Joey Acuff

Srđan Brković

Ronnie Cowen

Anthony Rix

Anthony Jones

Barry Allchin

Nick Q Simmons

Kevin Twist

Neil Thomas

Polly Weasel

Sasha Sivoronova

Luke Gyde (September 08)

Quentin Summerfield (September 13)

Wendy Lawson

George Williams

Steve Wagner

Bill Pearce

Andy Knapton (August 27)

Mark Thornton

Anne Wilson

David Fuller (28 August)

Bill Alexander

Tom Macfarlane

John geddes (September 14)

Peter Sweeney (September 12)

Stefan Klincewicz (September 14)

Mark Pritchard

Rob Davidson

Mike Judge

Lee Dunworth (September 13)

Mike Buckhurst

Chris Bean

Tracy Ligema

Elizabeth Barr

Emilio Romano-Diaz

Jan Darnell (September 16)

Mark Nowak

Kevin Smith (September 21)

Andy Parkes (September 20)

Simon Burton

Martin Carr

Alex Graham (September 22)

Gordon McKinlay (September 17)

James Glendinning

Paul Merckx (September 27)

James Luscombe

Howard Smith (September 28)

Gary Williams

Dean Rollings (September 21)

Ricky Yuen (September 29)

Chris Henderson 

Nick O'Connell

Timothy Rand

Stephen Rowe (September 30)

Marcin Figlus (September 13)

Paul Todd

Geoff Carter

Gary Boothroyd

Paul McCormack

Alistair Johnston

Ian Miller (September 28)

Helen Collard

Simon Trace

Gavin Vest

Chris Goddard

Phil Hatton

Peter Sanderson

Brian Foster (September 30)

Ian Nelson

Debbie Henderson

John Coates

Philip Parsley

Peter Aldred

Katherine Stalham

Jan & Malcolm Craven

Steven E. Hornstein (September 16)

Lesley McCondach

Paul Snow

Matthew Blaxall

Scott Hayworth

Stephen Catling

Steve Cockram

Marty Kent

Stephen Clayton (October 10)

Simon Watson (October 11)

Tony Curtis

David Howarth (October 11)

Stephe Fletcher

Fred Klehm

Peter Salkus (August 23)

David Orledge (October 13)

David Phillips

Lindsay Colman-Weller

Ken Atkinson

Phil Hatton

Steve Gabriel

Mark Read

Stuart Hambling

Michel Bracké

John Griffiths

David Saleem

John Wych

Paul Wightman

James Coombs

Roger Carter

Jon de Beaux

Ian McKay

Daniel Hall

Steve Unwin

Damien Rochford (October 17)

David Roe

Andy Davis

Scott Duncan

Andy Cruttenden

Andrew Dolby

Simon Warren 

Lee manners (Cazn’t beat a good ride)

Gary Hamilton (Cazn’t beat a good ride)

Jon Cryer (Cazn’t beat a good ride)

Mel Rand (August 30)

Chris Child (October 8)

Andy Morris (October 18)

David Fenn (October 20)

Mark Newbould

Mel Scrivin (October 15)

John Haile

Christopher Wilding

Bill White

Massimo Moretti

Ryan Bowden

Lee Stampton

Mary Boothroyd

Paul Taylor

Jeff Swinney

Rich Noyes

Dipesh Khimasia

Jane Hellier

David Shore

Ben Short

Michael Deamon 

Sam Cumberlidge

John Hall

Mike Bibby (October 17)

Jon Weavell

Keith Irlam

Josh Hughes (October 25)

Richard Corbett

Simon Wallace (October 30)

Raymond Nicholls (October 27)

Mark Fairhead (July 16)

Caz Reynolds

David Gibson (October 10)

Jane Hellier

John Musson

Asim Jalali

Callum Metcalf

Wilmas Phillips 

Ole Strøm Pedersen

Steve Dickinson (November 01)

Stephen Bell (October 30)

James McCartney (August 30)

Kevin Bannister

Dave Padwick

John Wells

Les Thomas

Phil Avery (October 25)

Gary Williams (November 11)

Peter Mann (November 11)

Darren Whiddett (November 10)

Snowdon Brierley 

Alex Wagner (November 11)

Berry Pujik

Miles Fisher

Martin Chaney

Peter Joyce

Ian Whitehouse

Jamie Brown

Peter Lee

Henry Taylor (November 7)

Paul Weyer

Alan Millband

Christian Hader

Rich Drinkwater (November 03)

Benno Houtmeyers 

Graham Weldon (October 23)

Kev Palmer

Steve Lane (November 01)

Mick Sparrow

Martin Belfield-Smith (November 06)

Robin Sleight

Clive Bourne

Peter Mann

Simon Thomson

Andrew Luck

Tobin James

Robert Moody

Andy Bathe

Jonathan Maycock

Rob Phillips

Caroline Mackay

Nora Holford

Tony Mallozzi

Paul Stobbs

Phillip Downham (October 26)

Eamonn Donnelly VC Glendale Belfast

Giles Borton

David Oakes

Phil Stringfellow

Karen Renner

Kelvin Cowell (July 31)

Allan Skivington

David Griffiths

Nigel Barter

Andrew Chee

Russell Shaw

Richard McTaggart

Mark Bowerman

Giles Barringham (November 10)

Dr. Doug Legge (November 16)

Ben Bolton

Abi Rankin

Mark Allum

Oliver Dyson 

Roger Mycock (December 3)

Dr Tim Clayton

Michael Glover

Lizzie Quarmby 

Alex Lithgow Smith

Ed Tang

David Walker (November 16)

Steve Holness (November 18)

Richard Chadwick (November 18)

Matt Rayment (September 30)

Christopher Allum

Mike OGorman (October 16)

Simon Camm (November 17)

Peter O'Shea (November 13)

Stephan Belding

Matt Little 

Lizzy Archer

Fred McArthur (September 11)

Adrian Elliott 

Kev Feltoe (July 18)

Daniel Alford

Daryl Marsh

Richard Horton

Richard Corbett

Steve Gabriel (September 06)

Andrew Cooper (November 08)

Andrew Marshall (November 05)

David Hanson

Paul Rogers (November 18)

Pat Scully (November 18)

Iain Harber (November 15)

Matt 'Ik Ben Vlaamse' Kemp

Liz Webb

Paul Bryan

Neil Mackley

Joseph Shryane

David Bedford

Brendan McCourt 

Douglas Michel

Stuart Ross

Steve Fairweather

Phil Mcguire

David Brock

John Banks

David Holland

Philip Eagland (November 20)

Simon Johnson (November 10)

Colin Peters

Vit Alminauskas

liam ridge

Costin Murray (October 03)

Michael Yardley (November 21)

Duncan Marfell (November 21)

Daniel Bartlett

Steve Short (November 22)

Mike Towne

John Mulvany

Paul Feather

David Hoppe

Scot Purves

James Benbow (October 09)

Dan Letchford

Paul Wesson

Michael Jones

Julie Connah

Damian Gray

Mick Shuter (November 22)

Andrew Hurren

Antonio Gesmundo (November 22)

Eifion Owen (November 22)

Pete Stanton 

Stephen Spall

Jason Wakeling (New Forest Explorers)

Nicki Wakeling  (New Forest Explorers)

Kat Swindells-Ridley (New Forest Explorers)

Mark Mageean

Andrew Budd

Mark Diesel 

Piers Rendell  (November 22)

Martin Kilb (November 23)

David Hirt (November 25)

Paul Craddock

Tim Norton (November 23)

Kim Legg

Nik Taylor (November 25)

Julian Waterson (November 27)

Marcus Taylor

Paul Lingwood

David Litchfield

john griffiths

Michael Henderson

John Harvey

Robert Dalzell (November 29)

Brian Morrell

Steven Pleasant

Thomas Few (November 29)

Adam Campion

Jane Hancox

Tim Banks (November 07)

Michael Yardley

Chris Dauris

Thelma Willmer

Nigel Bulmer 

Neil Mackland

Robert Simpson (November 23)

John Lythgoe

Trevor Bridge

Paul O’Donnell

Paul Balfe

Andy Ashwell

Richard Garratt (November 05)

Simon Myerscough

Emma Newman (October 25)

Elwyn Jones

Stuart Heeley

Cory Kulczycki

Mark Thomas 

Mark Pimlott 

Tony Vernon (81)

Adam Steele

Mick Grieve

Steve Buxton

Gareth Mount 

Mark Marsden

Ian Nixon

Scott Mordue 

Brian Bestford 

Paul Webster

Roger Harrop

Peter Evans (77)

Michael Hoenk

Jonathan Leeson

Duncan Hodgson

Tony Agg

Francis Davis

Brian Simms (December 2)

Michael Gillingham

Bruno Loxton

Dan Hawes

Craig Hallas

Yolanda Monteith

Andy Turnbull (October 25)

Andrew Budd (November 31)

Arthur Beardmore

Nick Harvey

Dave Torrence

Mark Swanson

Tim Knightley

Kevin Jackson

Ian Howarth

Tony Wilson (December 6)

Mike Stevens

Karl Read (December 6)

Nick Sunley

Cory Kulczycki (November 28)

Dennis Bailey

Neil McClemments (December 6)

Adam Cockroft

Matthew Elwick

Shaun Elphick

Ian Graham (October 3)

Kari Lorch

Roy Tomlin (December 6)

Paul Breeze (December 7)

Gary Clewlow

Suzanne Perkins

Stuart Gibbons

Scott Ferry-Collins

Chris Morris (December 8)

Daniel Farrell

Nikki Holland-Gladwish (December 6)

Scot Purves

David Stott

Andy Roberts (November 29)

Edmund Everall

Chris Nicol

Andy Whitehead

Edoardo Campagner

Seth Bennett

Stephen Inskip

Richard Needham

Carole Jackson (December 12)

Richard Bishop

Pete Thompson (December 12)

Matt Goodall

Mat McLoughlin

Michael Tarr

Ross Brennan

Alex Bonzi

Martin Bane (December 13)

Simon Martin

Richard Clark

John Bennett

Paul Savage (December 12)

Gareth Mount

Kathryn Baker 

Stephen Lorraine-Francis (December 12)

Victoria Wren

Colin Stratton (December 14)

Paul Humphries

Julian Gronow

Sarah Kellman

Mark Kimpton (December 14)

Dave Mercer 

Neil Smailes

Nigel Emblin

Nick Barker (December 14)

Gavin Turnbull

Kevin Tipple (August 17)

Syd Leach

Les Buist (October 22)

Thomas Aust

Paul Abraham

Simon Fairless

Kate Halpin

Dan Selwood

Phil Board

Edward Selby

Martin Thompson

Graeme Edwards

Graham Robinson (December 17)

James Baldock

Mark Tonks

Warwick Bradbury

Nigel Birch

Tony Vernon

Paul Naysmith

James Ranger

Liv Fitz-Poole

Stephen Fowler

Phil Probst (December 19)

Paul Poste

Peter Martin

Jake Lunt (November 25)

Kevin 'Herbie' Blackburn (December 20)

Alison McErlane (December 20)

Helni Costa

Mark Sargent

Tom Harvey (December 18)

Alex Lund (December 17)

Mike De Vere

Philip Baker

Mike Hudson

Simon Hudson

Ian Silvester

Lucy McTaggart

Denise Carter

Steve Milburn

Mary Morgan (December 23)

Norrie Westbrook (December 22)

Lee Saunders (December 23)

Nick Lakey

Kym Brown

Phillip Blackwell (December 23)

Chris Marshall

Brian Stevenson

Andrew Harris

Darren Mugleston (December 24)

Philip Clare

Lisa Price (December 24)

Crawford Herald

Alex Rogers (December 25)

Paresh Kerai

Richard Lindley

Alex Milne (December 26)

Bill Holmes 

David Lever

Guy Furniss

Andy Cartlidge (December 28)

Godfrey Ross

Mick Benson

Steve Seal

Christopher Connolly (December 29)

Adam Docherty (December 29)

Martin Branagan (December 22)

Tristan Vetta

Ian Hutchinson

Chris Forde

Dave Andrews

Darren Walker

Charles Smith

Sean Watmore (September 13)

Ian Mitchell

Steve Ainscow

Ade Borrill

Jason Whitehead (December 31)

Ian Bamborough

Iain Wilson

Stuart Gilmour (December 2)

Gary Mills

Dr Michael Dougan

Paul Dodsworth

David Pottinger

Amy Robinson

Steph Thompson

Nigel Thurling

Pat Bloomer

Robert Bradshaw-Hilditch

Guy Sherratt (October 9)

Brian Kilpatrick (December 31)

Nigel Sign

Ian Biller

Paul Steinke

Ian Knapper

Steve Bone

Oliver Payne

Ian Dussold

David J Morgan (December 23)

Matt Hammerton (December 12)

David Gardner

Robert Bartlett

Chris George (December 31)

Alex Harvey

Dom Ainger

Brian Atkinson (December 31)

Andy Goodall

David Lafferty (December 10)

Jon Burbury (September 30)

Robert Leader

Miller Crawford

Jonathan Sampson

Danny O'Brien

Dennis Bailey

Rod Smith (December 31)

Peter Evans

Amanda Martinez

William Taylor

Sean Cullen

Dan Tobin (December 30)

Alastair Gilmartin Smith (December 28)

Peter Hallowell (June 2)

Clifford Smith

Jacques van Wersch

Richard Hennah

Paul Fabb

Martin Wilson

Jonathan Todd

Johnathan Cobb

Paul Lidster (December 23)

Matt Mannings

Jake Waterhouse (August 22)

Stephen Harrington

Dave Budge

Mark Scott (December 31)

Colin Hayes

James Daley

Daryl Tacon (December 31)

Gordon Jones

Richard Morgan

Colin Bye (December 24)

David Mills

Hal Teitelbaum

Tomasz Kuropatwinski

Russell Evans

Ronald Warner

Michael Lamb

Mike Holmes

Andrew Hindle

David Dosoudil

Andy Hopper

Hugh Culverhouse

Andy Langston

James Perkins

Joe Boyce

Tom Fox

Lee Heron

Abdalan de Gama

Ed Westrop (December 18)

Martin Fox

Phil and Enid Bennion (tandem)

Fraser Black

Steven Johnson

Paul Archer

Chris Voss

Md Riza

Debbie Wilson

Ed Ross

Richard Phipps

Leslie Reissner

David Reid

Gareth Scurlock

Istvan Garansci 

You can join the CW5000 challenge at any point in the year and include all your miles from January 1. Sign up is free and will entitle you to enter some of your monthly competitions. 

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