Download your 2022 CW mileage chart

Cycling Weekly has been printing an annual mileage chart for nearly 100 years - and readers are still filling them in

2022 CW Mileage chart
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Cycling Weekly magazine has been publishing a mileage chart since the 1920s. For decades it was the main way riders would log their miles, often alongside a training diary. The first issues through January would then feature a choice few of the charts that readers had sent in, plus a synopsis of their year. Much like Strava do now with your Year in Sport.

Download your mileage chart (pdf) here

And even now, people still fill them in. A wealth of stats, maps and kudos might be available on your smart phone, but there's still something special about having something on the wall or fridge, for you and everyone else to see each day to give you an added level of motivation. 

This year we've added a bigger box right at the top for your annual total. Could you hit 5,000 miles? A target that 80 years ago was said to be a good number 'for a regular roadman' and that is still proving a stiff challenge for our CW5000 riders. 

And if you do fill it in, be sure to send in an image and tell us about your riding, we love to hear about it and see the different ways the charts are completed. 

2022 Mileage chart

Cycling Weekly's 2022 mileage chart - click to download (pdf)

(Image credit: Future)

You can sign up to the challenge here, and join thousands of others taking it on. As well as that total, we will set you two smaller challenges each month. January's challenges are to find and ride a new climb, and to do 15 rides through the month.

There's also merchandise from Milltag, a private Facebook page, Wednesday morning Zwift rides with the editor and medals are available to buy for everyone who completes the challenge.

>>>>See who finished the 2021 5,000 mile challenge

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