CW5000 2021 Finishers club

Have you made the list yet? Find out who has completed the 2021 CW5000 challenge and when they did it.

CW5000 finishers club
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Find out who has completed the 2021 CW5000 challenge and when in our finishers list below. If you've completed the challenge contact us at and send us details of your riding. This could be a link to your Strava profile or a whatever mile logging site you prefer. We also accept spreadsheets, CW mileage charts and various other methods of logging. 

If you're new to the CW5000 and would like to take on the challenge then it's never too late. It doesn't matter when you sign up, all your miles from Jan 1 count towards the total. Once you've signed up you'll be sent the CW5000 monthly challenges and more.

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Tim Searle
Date completed: February 24
Tim is holder of the most kms on Zwift (now over 200,000) and runs the AHDR group rides, some of the most popular on the platform. He hit the total earlier than usual due to the fact the Tour Down Under didn't run in its usual format. He usually takes time off to spectate whereas this year he pushed on with this riding instead.

Nick Anderson
Date completed: February 24

Catherine Allen
Date completed: March 9
Catherine signed up to the CW5000 on March 18 after seeing 3R team mate Ross Duncan had completed the challenge. Catherine, a former marathon runner, is on the turbo every morning before most people get out of bed. You can read more about her riding in the interview we did with her in April.

Ross Duncan
Date completed: March 13
Ross was initially the first person to complete the challenge - as per 2020 - but was first knocked off the top spot by a 3R team mate Catherine Allen who signed up to the challenge after seeing the news that Ross had completed the challenge, and then bumped down again when Tim Searle signed up. Ross does the bulk of his riding on Zwift and each year raises money for causes close to his heart.

Baz Morris
Date completed: March 14

Giles Cudmore
Date completed: March 15

Andrew Hunter
Date completed: March 30

Simon Hickman
Date completed: March 31
*All miles done outside

Elaine Scott
Date completed: April 1

John Peaston
Date completed: April 3

Dave Baxter
Date completed: April 10
Hit the total six weeks quicker than in 2020

Stephe Fletcher
Date completed: April 24

Robert Royle-Evatt
Date completed: May 5

Mark Pritchard
Date completed: May 3

Mike Edge
Date completed: May 14

Graham Moss
Date completed: May 18

Mark Fairhead
Date completed: May 22
112 days of riding making an average ride distance of 44.8 miles

Andrew Singleton
Date completed: May 23
Crossed the 5,000 mile mark during the Struggle Dales event

Martin Power
Date completed: May 27
Completed across 132 rides, totalling 449 hours with an average speed of 11.2mph

Alex Graham
Date completed: May 30

Adrian Lauchlan
Date completed: May 30

Alastair Flood
Date completed: May 31
All miles ridden outside. Completed it 12 days sooner than in 2020

Jamie Brown
Date completed: June 5

Andrew Bell
Date completed: June 10

John Lunt
Date completed: June 11

Justin Howe
Date completed: June 13

Steve Rough
Date completed: June 16

Paul Shoesmith
Date completed: June 16
Completed over 142 days and 274 hours of riding

Peter Bevan
Date completed: June 21

Michael Henderson
Date completed: June 22

Pete Sincock
Date completed: June 22

Luke Holmes
Date completed: June 25

Iain Clark
Date completed: June 25

David Fenn
Date completed: June 26

Michael Perkins
Date completed: June 26

Stephen Thompson
Date completed: June 29

Jon de Beaux
Date completed: June 30

Damian Gray
Date completed: June 30

Martin Holmes
Date completed: July 1

John Walkden
Date completed: July 3

Mac Macdonald
Date completed: July 3
Completed in 340 hrs of riding and climbing a total of 146,320ft

Ray Racher
Date completed: July 8

Mark Taylor
Date completed: July 8

Steve Ainscow
Date completed: July 10

Alex Jalland
Date completed: July 10

Kevin Meldrum
Date completed: July 15

Mark Smith
Date completed: July 19

Daniel Mills
Date completed: July 20

Ian Ransom
Date completed: July 21
Done in 101 rides, all outdoors, climbing 293,000ft throughout

Mark Chappell
Date completed: July 21
Done in 205 rides, and 335 hours (16 days quicker than last year)

Rich Noyes
Date completed: July 22

Graham Hughes
Date completed: July 23

Mike Smith
Date completed: July 23

Morten Røsaasen
Date completed: July 24

Les Thomas
Date completed: July 24

Peter Robinson
Date completed: July 25

Ian Miller
Date completed: July 25

Stacey Larkin
Date completed: July 27
Done in 257hrs, over 246 rides with 100,505ft of elevation

Andy Medhurst
Date completed: Aug 1

Nigel Adams
Date completed: Aug 2

Stephen Potter
Date completed: Aug 3

Donald Pearce
Date completed: Aug 3

Ian Smith
Date completed: Aug 3

Christopher Walsh
Date completed: Aug 4

Nigel Gooding
Date completed: Aug 4
Done in 280hrs, 188 rides with 135,643ft of elevation

Doug Reid
Date completed: Aug 10

Andy Pett
Date completed: Aug 10

Andrew Knapton
Date completed: Aug 16

Giles Borton
Date completed: Aug 20

Jason Taylor
Date completed: Aug 26

Rupert Englander
Date completed: Aug 28

Christopher Ronan
Date Completed: Aug 30

Rob Davidson
Date completed: Aug 31

Jacquie Wright
Date completed: Aug 31

Ian Conn
Date completed: Aug 31

Professor Quentin Summerfield
Date completed: Sept 1
Completed 12 days sooner than 2020 and ahead of 72nd birthday. All outdoors (roads and trails)

Keith Scott
Date completed: Sept 3

Steven Cockram
Date completed: Sept 7

Simon Johnson
Date completed: Sept 11

Leslie Reissner
Date completed: Sept 12

Gordon Reid
Date completed: Sept 15

Paul Campbell
Date completed: Sept 16

Martin Carr
Date completed: Sept 23

Christopher Reeve
Date completed: Sept 25

Mark Swanson
Date completed Sept 26

David Vallis
Date completed: Sept 26
Hit 5,000 miles when riding Sustrans route #1

Peter Sweeney 

Dave Cunningham

Will Treasure

Oliver Dyson

Clifford Smith

Mark Wood

Tom Macfarlane

Judith Rout

Peter Hindmarsh

Ian Long

Steve Bell

Gareth Olley

Michael Jones

Andras Vigh

Danny Howard

Michael Keyes

Ian Bond

Stewart Hawkes

Kevin Palmer

Peter hoelzel

Terry Reeves

Scott Derby

Stacey Larkin

James Ranger

Callum Metcalf

Iain Wilson

John Hall

Gavin Vest

Peter Mastenko

Benno Houtmeyers

Gary Boothroyd

David Smith

Richard Reynolds

Tom Boyd

Mark Skinner

Adam Steel

Arthur Davies

Michael Padwick

Paul Campbell

Peter Lee

Matt Dodgson

Marcin Akuczonek

Tizzie Chandler

Paul Macey

Stuart Caton

Matt Wild

Charlie Pilkington

Robert Welham

Andrew Dolby

George Williams

Mike Judge

Tim Steel

Colin Harris

Tom Niersbach

Robert Lunn

John Binczyk

Venessa Croft

Andy Grimwood

Kevin Wortley

Anne Wilson

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