I took my bike to ‘Mars’ for two weeks - here’s what it was like

Planetary geologist Helen Eifert brought her bike and trainer to a Mars simulator for two weeks as her only form of exercise. Could humans one day cruise around the Red Planet?

Helen Eifert at the Mars Desert Research Station
(Image credit: Helen Eifert)

Red dirt, vast plains, towering volcanoes and not a car in sight – sounds like the ultimate place for gravel riding, no? Sadly, this gravel haven is a little hard to get to as it’s on another planet altogether. But one intrepid planetary geologist is pedaling her way toward the future of exploration. 

Earth’s Solar System neighbor Mars is approximately 225 million kilometers away, and has so far only been explored by unmanned spacecraft who have combed its sanguine surface for signs of water and microscopic life. 

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