2009 Newport Nocturne cancelled

The organisers of the hugely popular bi-annual Newport Nocturne in Shropshire, a counting event in the National Circuit Race series, have postponed the event until 2010 for health reasons.

The event, due to held on September 5, includes the Past Masters Race for former pros who made this form of racing popular in Newport from 1970s through to 1991, prompting the event’s return a decade later.

Former World Number One Sean Kelly won a recent edition.

Mick Jeggo, joint organiser with his son Nick – they run a car dealership in the town – is due to undergo an operation for stem cell replacement which will require a period of convalescence.

“Newport Town Council remain fully supportive and the bulk of sponsors were in place and we were ready to go,” said Mick Jeggo.

“But in the circumstances we thought it best to postpone. My apologies to all the riders but they know we don’t like to things by half-measures.”

The Newport Nocturne is the original nocturne in the UK, and unconnected to the Face Partnership series.