Blog: Giro del Capo

Spare a thought for the riders in the Giro del Capo, racing in 38 degrees is certainly no fun.

South Africa is going through a pretty severe heatwave and temperatures are about seven degrees up on normal.

Even the locals are complaining, which proves it?s not just us tourists who are suffering.

Chris Froome had no problems when he won Thursday?s race, but it was a different story for his British Barloworld team-mate Steve Cummings who climbed off at half distance and admitted, ?I?ve never raced in heat like this before.?

Flying in on Monday he had little time to adjust but he was still faring better than the Polish national team who had only arrived the day before and ?looked as though they were about to explode,? according to Rapha-Condor manager, John Herety who watch them wilt from the luxury of his air-conditioned team car.

Despite the heat and financial troubles which almost saw the Giro cancelled, it?s a surprisingly good-natured event.

But you can still upset the locals, especially Robbie Hunter who is quick to defend the progress being made in his native South Africa.

?It makes me so angry. The ignorance. It?s not 20 years ago. We?ve moved on. We?ve got the fastest growing middle class economy in the world but journalists want controversy, they don?t want good news.?

It?s my turn to ride a bike on Sunday. Just three days to go until the Cape Argus Pick ?n? Pay, but at least the forecast is for cooler weather. Just 29 degrees, I?ll need arm warmers.


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