Giro Neo Blaze gloves review

We get to grips with Giro's premium glove and find out if it really is the ultimate foul-weather accessory

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Cycling Weekly Verdict

A heavy-duty winter glove for mild wet rides. Don't expect them to breathe well, but they will keep your hands warm in really wet conditions.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Grippy fingers and palms

  • +

    Good dexterity for such a thick glove

  • +

    Can fit a liner glove underneath

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Struggles in very cold temperatures

  • -

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On paper, these are the gloves you’d want to have with you when Zeus comes to town. They’re heavy-duty neoprene gloves with glued seams, designed to withstand sudden downpours and long rides in the rain.

They’re beefy in their design and thick cut, like someone has cut an outline of your hand from rubber. But as anyone who’s worn a wetsuit can attest, this neoprene is only really suitable for its intended purpose – which is getting very wet.

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Well, the Giro gloves are much the same. Put them on in a storm and they’ll keep you warm no problem but try and wear them in sub-zero conditions and you’ll be feeling quite chilly.

In fact, should the temperature drop dramatically you're far better off reaching for a set of thermal gloves over these. The Giro Neo Blaze offers very little cold weather protection, instead being far more suitable to milder, wet rides.

Tacky fingers and palms give good grip on the bars
(Image credit: mike prior)

Most importantly, though, I've been impressed with how warm they’ve kept my digits when things get wet. Plus, if you’re really set on wearing these on cold days, you can squeeze a liner glove underneath.

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Exactly like a wet suit, the Giro Neo Blaze keep your hands warm by trapping your own body heat. So it's no surprise that these gloves don’t breathe well. The insides are guaranteed to be sodden after any ride, as will any glove you wear underneath but that's just par for the course with this type of material.

Happily, even if they do get saturated they don’t lose any of their excellent dexterity or feeling through the fingertips.

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In fact, this is one of the best things about the Giro Neo Blaze gloves – they come with a tacky rubber spread across the palms and the fingers. This means you can get purchase on the shifters when it matters most, because everyone knows hurtling down a hill and slipping off the brake levers is not a fun experience.

Their cut is well thought out, too. There's added length to the wrist fabric, allowing for jerseys and gloves to overlap, leaving no annoying gap for cold winds and chilly breezes.

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