Giro Aeon helmet review

The Giro Aeon is a popular lightweight helmet that has been around for a few years now, is it still keeping up with the competition?

Giro Aeon
Cycling Weekly Verdict

The Giro Aeon helmet is a nice lightweight helmet that'll suit most riders. The shape unfortunately doesn't work for me particularly as I prefer its aero sibling Synthe or Vanquish shape.

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The Giro Aeon is a few years old now and was, once upon a time, the top of the range offering from the American brand.

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It has changed very little, if at all and hasn't kept up with any of the latest trends. It hasn't changed its shape and doesn't take any aerodynamics into account for example, but it does still remain one of the lightest helmets available on the market and the lightest that Giro offer.

Our medium sized Giro Aeon comes out at 199g (190g claimed). To compare that with the Synthe, the Giro Aeon weighs around 30g less and costs less too - £169.99 in fact.

With 24 vents coupled with internal channeling the Giro Aeon is one of the better helmets in terms of keeping cool on the hotter days, equally if you are the type of rider that runs hotter than most, you'll enjoy the cooling capabilities of this lid no end.

With the trend being aero is everything it can be easy to forget that aero dedicated road helmets do retain a little more than true vented lids like the Giro Aeon.

Shape wise, the Giro Aeon didn't really fit me unfortunately. So despite the lightweight nature of the helmet, which should ultimately mean you forget you are wearing a helmet, it didn't have the desired effect for me.

I found the top two edges of my forehead rubbed against the foam of the helmet, the padding doesn't quite reach this space and means an annoying scratch on either side. However, the Roc Loc 5 system works well at the back so the helmet feels secure and comfortable around the back at least.

Giro Aeon

24 vents help keep you cool

The shell of the lid looks nice and thus looks smart on, but the helmet is let down by not feeling that refined, especially compared to the likes of the Synthe. Yes the Synthe costs near on £50 more but remember this is a helmet that costs £170 and is at the upper echelons of the helmet market.

The straps take a bit of time to set up so that they don't sit annoyingly. Frustratingly I found the straps would always want to twist within the adjuster too.

Ultimately, if you are after a lightweight helmet and it suits your head shape, the Aeron isn't a bad option to consider. If heat is an issue for you this is another reason to opt for the Aeon.

Giro Aeon

Roc Loc 5 system works very well

I've been fairly critical of the Giro Aeon here and it is only down to the fact that what was once a great helmet has slightly lost touch with its competitors. It seems with only a few updates here you would see the Aeon back on top of the market. Sitting on the wave of popularity has meant the Giro Aeon isn't as good as it once was. Other helmets, including the newer ones in its own range, have surpassed it.

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