East London council failing cyclists with lack of infrastructure

Havering Borough Council has not met promise of delivering space for cycling says London Cycling Campaign

Councillors in an East London borough have been accused of failing to prioritise cycling despite a commitment to do so.

Many councillors of Havering Borough Council agreed to work towards delivering space for cycling when they were elected to office.

But a member of the capital’s campaigning group London Cycling Campaign has been so disheartened by the lack of improvement and apparent neglect of cycling infrastructure that he has now claimed that Havering residents are as reluctant as ever to pedal on the road as oppose to driving.

Ray Whitehouse expressed his concerns: “Our cycling group (Havering Cyclists) runs a regular street stall in Romford to promote cycling. What people are telling us all the time is that they would like to cycle, but currently feel unable to, due to the lack of safe space for cycling in Havering’s roads.

“We have a situation where Havering’s roads are often at a standstill with traffic because the infrastructure does not allow people to cycle if they would like to.”

Source: Romford Recorder