After Edvald Boasson Hagen's epic Zwift session, you share your hardcore turbo training stories

We asked our readers if they can match the Norwegian's heroic 6.5-hour Zwift session, and you didn't disappoint.

Edvald Boasson Hagen's nickname of 'Eddy the Boss' was given new meaning after it came to light that he completed an epic 6.5 hour Zwift session on a cycling treadmill.

This equated to 212km of virtual distance covered for the three-time Tour de France stage winner. However how does this compare to the achievements of the normal male or female cyclist on the street (or pain cave)?

We asked our collective social media followers what was the longest time or virtual distance they have endured on a turbo trainer session and there are some efforts that match the Norwegian rider.

Here are a selection of some of the best.

1. Who knew turbo training could result in knighthoods?

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2. It may well be the easiest way to get one

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3. Or a damehood?

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4. Working up a mental sweat as well

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5. Because what else are you going to do whilst working abroad?

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6. Assuming these documentaries were based around torture?

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7. Gone in 60... minutes

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8. New year, new me is well and truly over

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9. Hardcore and old school

10. One way to keep the family happy over Christmas

11. I think we have a winner

Let us know on our social media channels of any other epic indoor riding you get up to this winter.

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