Eight pictures that will make you excited to ride this autumn

If you're not keen to say goodbye to summer cycling, take a look at these autumn photos for inspiration

Autumn is here and it’s a great time of year to cycle. While the (sometimes) hot and dry conditions of the summer are behind us, everything just looks that much more stunning in the autumn conditions.

The falling leaves, the low sun and the milder conditions make for excellent cycling and it also makes your Instagram pictures look so much better as well.

There’s a great hashtag on Instagram where people can share snaps of their #AutumnRides and you get some stunning pictures, some of which may not even use a filter, but most of them will…this is Instagram after all.

1. Whether you cycle on the road or on the trails, the autumn colours are very easy on the eyes

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2. The low morning sun provides some great glows off the fields and also some long shadows for you to check out your cycling posture.

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3. If you’re lucky enough to live within reach of the countryside you’ll be treated to some great views.

4. It can’t always be sunny, of course, but there’s something strangely pleasant about wrapping up to go out in the autumn drizzle.

5. And there’s always the challenge to ride over the crunchiest leaf.

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6. Talking in group rides becomes an excellent way to keep warm as the temperatures drop.

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7. And even if you can’t ride in a group, you’ve got your bike and the scenery for company.

8. The best thing about autumn riding, though, is that it gives you the chance to dig out the kit you never use at any other time of the year. Where were those knee warmers?