Here at CW we love the hill-climb season. Short, sharp courses mean that every spectator can get a good view of the race action as the riders fight the hill to set the fastest time. There’s always an ‘end of term’ party atmosphere at a hillclimb, and crowds have been growing steadily over the past few years.

Despite the hefty slopes, the racing is always furious – helped along by some incredibly generous prize money, which this year is as healthy as ever.

The Bec CC hillclimb on Sunday October 21 boasts a total prize pot of £2,300 with £1,000 allocated for the fastest rider up the 700-yard course, and could fairly claim to offer more prize money per yard raced than any other race in the country.

“These events really capture the imagination,” said Bec CC hillclimb organiser Garry Beckett. “The crowds have been massive for the last couple of years. The course for our event was lined virtually the whole way.”

Run on the same day as the Bec, the Catford CC hillclimb must come second with £1,450 on offer in total with £710 going to the winner on the 707 yard course.

One day before the Bec and Catford, on Saturday October 20, Brighton Mitre promote two events on the same day at Chantry Lane and Mill Hill.

The rider who competes in all four of the events mentioned and comes away with the best time wins £100.