Hire car company warns customers of 'hazardous' cyclists

Welcome to the UK. Look out for cyclists while you're here, they're a pain in the...

Heathrow Car Rental cycling advice
Advice for UK visitors provided by the car rental firm

A Heathrow-based hire car company has taken its website offline, and issued an apology, after it labelled UK cyclists as a 'hazard'.

www.heathrow-car-rental.co.uk had given driving advice to its customers visiting the UK, saying cyclists were a 'hazard'.

The advice read: "In London, as in other places, cyclists can be a bit of a hazard, since - though they pay no road tax - they still have the same rights as any other vehicle."

It continues: "No law requires them to wear reflective clothing, have lights, or give any sort of signal. Furthermore, cyclists tend to ignore traffic lights and one-way streets, so please be careful you don't hit them. Cyclists become most indignant if you hit them, and legally, it is always the motorists fault."

The website currently has the following apology printed on it.

Heathrow hire car company apology

Earlier the news caused a flurry of posts on social media sites.

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The hire firm's u-turn follows the announcement earlier this week that dangerous lorries are set to be banned from the capital's streets. HGVs without side guards and safety mirrors will be not be allowed in London’s streets from as early as next year.

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