Mario Cipollini's response to criticism for not wearing a helmet is slightly x-rated

Former Italian sprinter Mario Cipollini posts a picture of himself on the turbo trainer wearing only a helmet after criticism from Facebook followers

Never one to shy away from a bit of exhibitionism, Mario Cipollini responded to Facebook users who criticised him for not wearing a helmet on a training ride by posting a picture of him riding naked on a turbo trainer...but with a helmet on his head.

Cipo posted an innocent picture on his Facebook page on February 6, showing himself riding one of his own brand bikes, but with just a beanie hat on his head.

Photo: Facebook/Mario Cipollini

Photo: Facebook/Mario Cipollini


Some of his followers immediately jumped on the fact that the Italian was setting a bad example by not wearing a helmet.

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So, to prove that he is interested in safety, the 42-time stage winner at the Giro d'Italia came back with a picture of himself completely naked on a turbo trainer, with a helmet, socks and shoes his only clothing items.

The 48-year-old still looks to be in pretty decent shape, but we hope he didn't do a long session on the indoor trainer or the saddle sores would have been killer...