Last week, Mayor of London Boris Johnson said motorcycles were to be allowed to use bus lanes, as well as taxis and cyclists.

The news was not well received in cycling circles. It particularly alarmed Emily Thornberry MP, chair of the All Parliamentary Cycling Group. The MP for Islington South and Finsbury spoke of her concerns at today?s annual Parliamentary Bike Ride in London.

?I think it?s dangerous allowing motorcycle in to bus lanes. It?s bad enough to contend with bendy buses, without motorbikes as well. I?m very worried about it.? What did she think could do to oppose it?

?All we can do is make our views known. What I don?t want is for there to be deaths and then they?ll change their minds. I don?t want that to happen that way.?

But the other big news for London cyclists had escaped her. This is the trial proposed by the

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, to allow cyclists to cycle the wrong way down one-way streets. The aim is to enable cyclists to avoid using dangerous one-way systems.

?I will be keen to see how that works,? she said. ?But the other thing they ought to trial is turning left at (red) traffic lights. ?There again, cyclists go through the lights. They shouldn?t but they do. But going left shouldn?t do any harm so long as they considerate to pedestrians.?

However, on a more positive front, she referred to this morning?s Parliamentary Bike Ride which had focused on cycle training and which is being promoted during Bike Week.

?So many people speak to me and say I would really love to cycle but I am frightened. The thing about Bikeability cycle training is that the training and assistance – which is available to adults ? means that you can be taught.

?People have always laughed when I?ve said I?ve had training but actually it did help my cycling and it did help me feel more confident on the roads. And I?ve been cycling for 25 years!

?So I am really pleased that this is available. But it is very important to make it clear to people that not only can they be trained but t hey can be escorted into work a couple of times, so that they get used to it. And once you get the bug, you get the bug. Once you?re on a bike you don?t get off it.?