New app sends a courier to fix your puncture (video)

The Kerbi app will search for available 'agents' when you inform it you have a puncture, then someone will ride to you to fix it for you

Punctures can turn the best of rides into the worst of rides, especially when you have to fumble about changing your inner tube and getting your kit filthy in the process.

But a new app promises to take the hassle out of repairing it yourself, by paying someone else to do it instead.

Kerbi will locate your nearest repair provider, which could be your local bike shop, a courier or just a vigilante with a tool kit, and sends them a message as to your whereabouts.

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Once the repair has been made you can pay for it through the app using online payment system Stripe.

Kerbi’s promotional video shows a rider in London calling for assistance and choosing from the long list of nearby ‘agents’ to come and patch him up.

While this could be a quick and easy way to repair a puncture on a bike that requires specialist tools, or when you’re riding around a busy urban area, it might not be the best option when you blow out on a country road in the Yorkshire Dales.

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Visit for more details on the app and how to sign up.

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