Payout for yoga teacher hit by cyclist as she crossed the road looking at her phone

Gemma Brushett has won compensation despite a judge saying it was partly her fault

(Image credit: In Pictures via Getty Images)

A yoga teacher who was knocked unconscious after she stepped out into the road while looking at her phone has won a payout despite the judge ruling that the crash was 50 per cent her fault.

Gemma Brushett was crossing a junction in London Bridge when Robert Hazeldean hit her, with the court hearing she didn't see him until the last second when he sounded his horn.

Ms Brushett, who is 28 and works in finance in the City, tried to step back onto a traffic island but the cyclist swerved in the same direction as she was going and collided with her.

The judge ruled that Ms Brushett must accept 50 per cent of the blame and Mr Hazeldean was ordered to pay her thousands of pounds in compensation.

The judge said that Mr Hazeldean "fell below the level expected of a reasonably competent cyclist in that he proceeded when the road was not completely clear."

The court heard that Mr Hazeldean, who works as a garden designer, was also knocked unconscious and suffered cuts and bruises. Three pedestrians told police that the cyclist was "not at fault" as Ms Brushett was "not looking where she was going".

The amount of compensation to be paid will be decided in court at a later date.

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