Stopped by police: for riding on a cycle path (video)

Policeman stops cyclist in London asking him why he is riding on a pavement... only it's a cycle path

Police in London, video evidence suggests, may not actually be the best at enforcing the law.

Silvio Diego mounted a cycle path on the Strand, central London, when his ride was halted by a policeman.

The policeman asked: “Why are you cycling on a pavement?” to which Mr Diego replied, “This is a path, a path for bikes.”

Realising his error of judgement, the policeman smirked “Sorry, I can’t see the cycle path.”

Mr Diego laughed off the incident: “The cop, although a bit blind, had a good sense of humour. He smiled when he realised he made a silly mistake.”

So keep riding on those designated cycle paths, folks.

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