SUV driver didn't stop for quarter of a mile with cyclist on his roof after crash

The driver only stopped when another person merged into his lane to block him

An SUV driver continued along the road for a quarter of a mile with a cyclist on his roof after a crash.

According to the fire service that responded to the incident, the cyclist was hit and flipped onto the roof of the vehicle, while the driver continued on his way apparently unaware.

The 85-year-old in the SUV only stopped when another driver pulled across the lane to block him from going any further, allowing the cyclist to be taken to hospital.

Firefighters responded to the incident which happened at around 5.25pm on Monday (February 24) in the City of Lincoln, California,.

Lincoln Fire Department said on Facebook: “Yesterday Lincoln Firefighters responded to a vehicle vs bicyclist on Joiner Parkway. This particular one was a little different than most we respond to.

“The bicyclist was struck and flipped on top of the roof of the vehicle. The driver then continued to drive another ¼ of a mile only to stop because another car was trying to get their attention to let them know they had a rider on the roof.

“The Good Samaritan eventually had to merge into their lane to block the driver from going any further.”

The cyclist suffered a number of injuries, including broken bones and a concussion, The Sacramento Bee reports.

Earlier this week, Cycling Weekly reported that a British cyclist involved in a legal battle with a pedestrian who walked out in front of him paid out £60,000 after settling the case.

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Robert Hazeldean collided with Gemma Brushett in London in 2015 after she walked into the road while looking at her phone, with both rider and pedestrian left unconscious after the crash.

Most of the costs were covered by a fundraising page that was set up to support his legal battle, but he still had to pay out around £3,000 of his own money and there was no cash left for charity, as Hazeldean had hoped to donate any leftovers.

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