The moment you know that you are obsessed with cycling

There's usually a moment in every cyclist's life when they realise they've reached the point of no return with their chosen obsession...

Most cycling fans are quite fanatical about their sport. Many keen cyclists spend every waking hour – and some sleeping ones – doing, thinking, talking about or watching cycling.

There's usually a moment when you realise that you've been bitten by the cycling bug. We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what it was that made them realise that they were obsessed with cycling. We present a selection of their answers, in association with B'Twin.

When did you realise you were obsessed with cycling? What were the signs? Let us know in the comments section below.

Getting up early to go cycling on my wedding day and then hitting the mid-point of the ride and contemplating carrying on. It was a nice sunny day with a light breeze, perfect riding conditions. My God, why did I turn around?!

Gareth Bosley

I realised I was obsessed when I started getting an itch to get out on my bike all the time, that’s when I knew, and I still get it now. Also has massively helped me through a tough time in my life, I don’t where I would be without it the last couple of years. So thanks to my friend who let me have a little spin up the road on his new bike, which started it all.

Michael Green

I bought a bike because the ex was a semi-professional cyclist in his youth and so I thought it would be great for us to be able to go cycling together because he loved cycling so much. I still have the bike.

Linda Clinker

Got my first proper bike for Christmas 1947 and three months later did a 16-mile ride on my own, to my auntie’s house and back. I haven’t stopped since and I am still riding all the time at age 76.

Mike Garvey

Every Sunday, aged 13, I rode the 18 miles to Halfords on my banger of a Raleigh Banana and put another £10 paper-round money down on my dream 531 Carrera, and rode back again. Stood me in good stead I think, that approach in life!

Paul Oz

I won’t admit I’m obsessed just because I have a room and a cupboard dedicated entirely to cycling gear.

Duane Bridger

I knew I was obsessed when I got my favourite team’s kit and would secretly go into my bedroom and put it on and take it off multiple times an hour just because I loved wearing it and would dream of being a pro.

Fabio Lucano

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I realised I was obsessed when it seemed odd to go to someone’s house and find there were no bikes in the living room, or Bromptons folded up in the downstairs bathroom. I didn’t have much of a choice from birth really — at my parents’ wedding the guard of honour upon exiting the church was made up of people holding up bicycle pumps!

Emily Maiden

I’m obsessed? Who have you been talking with? It’s not true. I can stop anytime. Honest!

Mark Watson

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