Detailed pothole view

With the country's roads in as bad a state as we can remember, CW has adopted its very own pothole - and named it Percy. How cavernous will he get? Will he be filled in? Read on...

Day 7

We went down to see Percy but something was badly remiss. We couldn't find him.

What on earth happened?

Scanning the vicinity with frantic head-turns and heavy hearts, we knew exactly what had happened. A glance to the offending area of road confirmed it.

In some point in the intervening days, he'd been filled in.

But who can now fill in the gaping hole in our hearts? How transient his life was: in the space of six days, Percy went from gaping rim-wrecker to just another piece of road.

Gone, but not forgotten.


RIP Percy the Pothole

The vital statistics

Measurements: n/a

Depth: 4mm (there's still a slight bump in the road)

Situated: On the junction at Coombe Road and Park Lane in Croydon, fifty centimetres from the kerb and just in front of the stop lines.

CTC file:

Status: Repaired

Day 7 observations

We're not sure when the repair happened or who did it. Maybe a kindly road repairman took some time out from the craterous roadworks (see above photo) nearby and gave him a bit of bitumen?

With its position on a busy Croydon crossroads, it's not so much of a surprise that the pothole was dealt with quickly.

At any rate, Percy is no more, and so ends our pothole adoption experiment.

In all seriousness, thanks to Croydon Council, the Highways Agency and the CTC for their help and speedy response to the problem.

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