Thumbs up from Victoria Williamson as father provides updates on recovery

British track sprinter Victoria Williamson continues her recovery from a crash in Rotterdam, with her father Mark allaying paralysis fears

British track cyclist Victoria Williamson gave a double thumbs-up from her hospital bed, having fractured her pelvis, ribs and several vertebrae in a crash at the Rotterdam Six Day.

Williamson’s crash with Dutch rider Elis Ligtlee was so serious that organisers cancelled the remainder of the events on Saturday night.

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Her father Mark tweeted a picture of the sprinter giving the thumbs up and told the Eastern Daily Press that while his daughter’s chances of competing in the Rio Olympics have suffered a significant blow it is a relief that she will likely recover fully from the injuries.

“It’s certainly done her prospects no good but there’s no timeframe on the recovery period yet,” he said. “They need a correct diagnosis but it’s not looking good.

“I’ve heard it can take 12 to 16 weeks for a cracked pelvis, but I’m more concerned about her neck injuries.

“Fortunately her legs are moving so there’s no paralysis, but we were worried for a while there,” he said.

Ligtlee was also taken to hospital but was released after being checked for injuries.

Williamson secured a bronze medal in the team sprint at the 2013 World Championships, partnered with Becky James.