Today's wind might be horrendous to ride in, but at least it looks gorgeous on a map

Storm Doris is great on a computer screen

A much calmer way to experience Storm Doris
(Image credit: Ventusky)

If you've been mad enough to try go out on your bike today, then we wouldn't be surprised if the wind just blew you straight back in through the front door.

The good news is that even if you decided to stay inside (maybe even jump in the turbo) then you can watch the wind being animated on this beautiful map.

Created by Ventusky, the map is a visualisation of past, present, and future weather conditions, with the option to show data around rain, cloud, and temperature as well as wind a number of other conditions.

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The most spectacular map is created when you choose wind gusts and focus over Britain, which shows a big wave of dark red spreading from north Wales, across the Midlands, to East Anglia.

But best of all, when you change the date to tomorrow, the map turns into a serene picture of green and blue, meaning it could be a great day for making up for the time on the bike that you lost today.