Tweets of the week: Lando Norris’s Tour de France bid, Power Ranger Primož Roglič, and Phil Gaimon ‘wins’ Roubaix

Here are just a few of our favourite tweets from the last week

We’re just a few days away from the end of the cycling season, but fear not Tweets of the Week will continue.

Many riders have closed out their road seasons, giving them plenty more time to interact on social media, with other pros are preparing for the track and cyclocross.

But of course the most prestigious prize of the year is making it into our elite selection of social media content, so who made the cut this week?

This time we have Primož Roglič’s outstanding colour coordination, a Tour de France bid from Lando Norris, and a familiar face from the Angliru.

1. Any guesses who this might be? Clue, he’s currently third overall at the Vuelta

2. Katie Archibald shares an insight into the post-interview procedure of a bike rider

3. Andrey Amador, not content with his support role on the road, is keeping Ineos afloat

4. How many people can relate to this 2020 achievement?

5. Pretty sure Lando Norris would be faster than most pros in the corners

6. Why does that cat look like me after a long group ride?

7. Go go Primož Roglič

8. You know you’ve made it as a broadcaster when you make it onto Accidental Partridge

9. Looks like coronavirus restrictions at the Vuelta are working

10. If Paris-Roubaix was run as a democracy…

We’ll be back with more tweets of the week in seven days.