Tweets of the Week: Michael Owen takes a dive, Evie Richards vs sheep, and Luke Rowe says ‘relax’

Here are just a few of the best moments from cycling social media this week

The real joy of cycling social media is the surprises it throws up.

While we’ve grown used to pro riders complaining about races, or seeing bizarre incidents from around the cycling world, sometimes there is still an unexpected occurrence.

This week, it’s thanks to former footballer Michael Owen who has provided us with the best bit of cycling social media insight this week.

Here are just a few of our favourite cycling moments from Twitter and Instagram over the last week:

1. Yellow card for diving there Michael

2. Got to admire the confidence of the Vini Zabu squad

3. What new kind of training is this from Evie Richards?

4. Mike Teunissen looking on the bright side of George Bennett’s rejected jersey

5. Apparently cycling is slightly too complicated for some sports journalists to follow

6. A familiar feeling on the Sunday club run?

7. Luke Rowe telling his riders to relax – easier said than done

8. Could we see another Dennis at the World Championships soon?

9. Lockdown or the UAE Tour? Caleb Ewan could be referring to either

10. Conor Dunne’s career transition is complete, although we’re not sure what his new line of work actually is

We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets of the week.