Tweets of the week: Thomas De Gendt, Mads Pedersen, Geraint Thomas and more

The best social media posts from across the cycling world this week

There’s been a chill in the air these past few days, meteorologically and metaphorically, as many cycling fans come to terms with the fact there will be a dearth of road races over the coming months.

How did it come around so quickly? What are we supposed to do now? These are questions for another time Instead, why not combat any sort of existential dread through a series of lighthearted tweets from the last seven days of the cycling world.

1. Thomas De Gendt always asking the important questions.

2. For those hoping to get the most authentically British experience possible at the World Championships, it wouldn’t be complete without gaining an unhealthy dislike of traffic wardens. You’re welcome, world.

3. The cycling equivalent of ‘absolute limbs’. You love to see it.

4. Yorkshire limbs part two.

5. The timing and coordination needed to successfully deliver a Pizza Express order to a team car in the convoy of a Worlds road race really is something that doesn’t get enough appreciation these days.

6. My favourite genre of cycling-adjacent video content is footage from inside team cars when their rider wins. Can’t beat it.

7. Wahoo testing out their newest feature: in-built sassiness to deal with dissidents.

8. Weird how complete strangers always give the best advice, the true backbone of our society.

9. Not sure how much further clarity context would give to the below image anyway…oh Yorkshire.

10. Congrats to Geraint Thomas and family!

We’ll be back in seven days’ time for more of the best from social media across the cycling world.