Twitter reacts to the Doha World Champs course after crash in Tour of Qatar

Pros and ex-pros took to Twitter to express their dismay after a huge pile-up at the end of stage two of the Tour of Qatar

As our ‘tweets of the week‘ feature can attest, cyclists and social media often make a comical mix. But sometimes pros, ex-pros and interested bystanders take to Twitter to express anger and confusion when something goes awry in the world of professional bike racing.

Towards the end of stage two of the Tour of Qatar, the riders ploughed headlong into some road furniture that was not surrounded by barriers and looked like it wasn’t properly marked.

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The subsequent crash caused a pile-up and the remaining riders contested a reduced-bunch sprint. Alexander Kristoff took the win ahead of Mark Cavendish, who retains the overall lead.

In case you missed it, here’s what happened:

Ex-pro and now part time pundit Daniel Lloyd was quick to comment on the incident, drawing attention to the fact that this stage of the Tour of Qatar was a test run for this year’s UCI Road World Championships.

Matt Brammeier, himself still recovering from a horror crash in a race, was clearly angered by the incident.

Lloyd and Brammeier’s reactions then crossed over when debate turned to how it had happened and who might be at fault.

The Association of North American Professional Road Cyclists got involved, replying to a tweet from Lance Armstrong. Armstrong, never one to shy away from giving his opinion, was quite clear about where he stands.

The ANAPRC then set out its own suggested solution, and came to a similar conclusion as Brammeier: the UCI needs to put in place strict regulations for organisers to follow.

Tweets along this theme were common, and came from people who know what they’re talking about.

Finally, our own writer Owen Rogers found a rider’s tyre showing the battle scars of a very sudden halt.