The International Cycling Union presented its new anti-doping programme called ?100% Against Doping? in Paris on Friday, as they try and regain the credibility of professional cycling after years of major scandals.

UCI President Pat McQuaid unveiled the new programme, pointing out that 100% refers to the coverage of out of competition and pre-race tests, of riders tested, and the fact that the tests will be carried in total agreement with riders and teams.

?The 100% Against Doping initiative represents a quantum leap forward for the cycling world in its efforts to fight doping,? McQuaid claimed.

?Our objective is clear: to give cycling the best anti-doping programme in the world. Only clean riders should win; those who cheat should be caught; those considering trying to cheat should be discouraged. Together we can eliminate doping from our sport.?

The UCI programme should not be confused with UK Sport's ?100% ME? athlete education programme being promoted by British Cycling's Olympic Academy riders now based in Italy.

Although some sections of the ?100% Against Doping? programme are still vague, it means all professional riders will be face out of competition blood and urine tests to deter the use of EPO, as well as pre-race tests and traditional after race testing. Blood profiling of all riders will also be done to fight the use of blood tranfusions, with some riders also facing urine profiling. Riders will also agree to DNA samples being taken and give their consent to their DNA being used to identify blood during police or disciplinary investigations.

All the teams will sign a code of conduct that will detail the punishment for riders and teams caught doping. The costs of the programme will be shared across the sport with the UCI paying a large amount but with the 20 ProTour teams also paying £20,000 each, and smaller teams also contributing.

100% Aganist Doping Programme summary:

-Unannounced out-of-competition tests for 100 % of riders.

-Blood tests for 100 % of riders.

-Creation of an individual profile for 100 % of riders.

-Development of new tests in cooperation with 100 % of riders.

-Agreement to provide DNA by 100 % of riders.

-The same code of conduct for 100 % of teams.

-Creation of an Advisory Board with imput from across the sport.

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