What is the most extravagant piece of cycling kit you have ever owned?

Go on, you deserve it! Cycling Weekly readers tell us about their most extravagant cycling purchases

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers to tell us about their most extravagant cycling purchase, and here are a selection of the answers in association with B'Twin.

What is the most extravagant piece of cycling kit that you have owned? Let us know in the comment section below.

Too many to list! My most recent is a pair of Sidi Wire Carbon Vernice shoes to match the colour of my new Catlike Mixino helmet, which had been an extravagance itself. Now I’m equipment rich and cash poor!

Paulo Bee

I just bought some 550ml bidons the other week. They were £2.49 – 60 whole pence more than the less extravagant 500ml model.

Thomas Willingham

Some very bright pink socks that clashed with every other bit of kit I had.

Alex Fulton

When I was a kid I had a Raleigh Wildcat; it was the most technologically advanced bike ever!

Paul Buckland

A new 4K television. What’s that got to do with cycling? It’s in the garage, in front of my turbo-trainer. You can’t beat watching Blue Planet II in HD while spinning away. It feels like you are powering a mini-sub underwater and you learn while you turn.

Gareth Otley

Rear light — it’s extravagant because it had laser lights on the side. However, it was very cheap as I only paid for the postage. It no longer works as they forgot to make it waterproof.

Gary Griffiths

A house with a garage. You’ve got to have a garage!

Simon Tuck

Tioga Disc Drive wheel in 1994. First race and a piece of slate flipped and sheared a Kevlar strand. Game over... Still got the disc drive although it’s unusable. It might be worth something now.

Sprocket Man

A £60 blue and white top that makes me look like Tubby Tintin — love it!

Tim Nicholls

Sportful No-Rain leg and arm-warmers.

Samuel Fawdry

The hardware (including trainer) that I use to run Zwift cost nearly twice the price of my winter bike.

Dave Pargeter

Lightweight wheels.

Rod Mackenzie

Having put up with a lumpy mains rechargeable front light for years, I bought a lightweight LED unit with built-in battery that is two or three times the power of my old unit, a quarter of the size and can be recharged from any USB socket. What seemed like an extravagance at the time has led me to new cycling adventures in the dark.

Andy Dunn

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My Di2 upgrade to my Roubaix. Totally unnecessary but I couldn’t live without it now.

Rupert Englander

Cervélo R3 Disc with Red 22 Hydro. Discs are the future... The future is here.

Tommy Johnston

Rapha’s winter wardrobe.

Jonathan Dubel

A gel.

David Botterill

A house in Majorca.

Oliver Neilson

A (relatively) expensive multi-tool. It literally has everything on it that you could ever need, and undoubtedly some that you never will need. But it’s good to have it all, just in case.

Kevin Sonning

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