Tokyo 2020 Olympics track cycling LIVE: Follow all the action from day five

Live updates from the sprints and Madison at the Izu Velodrome

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games track cycling, including the men's sprint final and the women's Madison final.

See the day's full schedule here: Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games cycling schedule: when to watch the racing


Welcome to day five coverage of the Olympic track cycling, here's the full schedule of events today, which start at 7.30am UK time:

There's a lot of sprinting today, we're getting underway with the women's sprint qualifying, where riders complete a flying 200m lap to set a qualifying time for the later rounds

We'll have the final of the women's Madison later as well as the men's sprint final as well

There's 29 riders in the women's sprint so a lot of times to get through - we've had New Zealand and France so far. Only 24 riders will progress through this round.

Seven riders have completed their flying laps so far. Shanju Bao of China currently has the benchmark time of 10.723

New Olympic Record! Elise Andrews has broken Becky James' OR with a 10.563. The New Zealander is flying high after her keirin silver yesterday 

Kaarle McCulloch (Aus) would have broken the Olympic record if she'd gone first, riding to a 10.679 in her lap. That will be more than enough to qualify as it puts her in second place

There's five riders so far who've recorded over 11 seconds. A sub-11 lap should be enough to see you through this round 

We have a new best time - Mathilde Gros (Fra) puts in a 10.4 to go into top spot and set a new Olympic record!

Lauriane Genest (Can) goes close to the top time, just 0.06 off Gros and the Olympic record

Eight riders have so far gone faster than Becky James's old Olympic Record, and there's probably more to come

Another new top time; Lea Friedrich records a 10.310 to set a new Olympic Record and take the top spot

25 riders have finished so far and Germany occupy the top two spots. It's the five bottom riders who will be eliminated however 

These are some fast qualifying times. To get in the top 10 you'd need to record a 10.5, much faster than the previous Olympic Record

GB's Katy Marchant is the last rider to set a time, qualifying with a 10.495 to finish in eighth

Urszula Los (Poland), Marlena Karwacka (Poland), Kirstie James (New Zealand), Jessica Lee (Hong Kong), Coralie Demay (France) are the five riders eliminated from the first round.

Next up is the men's sprint semi finals - we have Jeffrey Hoogland (Ned) against Dennis Dmitriev (ROC) in the first race

Dmitriev leads it out with two laps to go but can't stop Hoogland coming round him to take the first victory. The semi-finals are a best out of three competition

Next up is Harrie Lavreysen (Ned) against Jack Carlin of Great Britain

It was a feisty ride from Jack Carlin as he attacked from behind but Lareysen looked imperious as he just held him off when the sprint opened up with 1.5 laps to go

Right, the sprinting continues.

There's no best of three in this round, it's just a one off between the riders. As mentioned the fastest riders from qualifying go against the slower riders, and Lea Friedrich (Ger) has just breezed through her round against Migle Marozaite (Lithuania) 

No real surprises so far about the riders who've made it through the sprints so far. Anyone who's lost so far in this round will have a chance to qualify in the repechages which follow later

Just one heat left to go in the women's sprint, then on to the repechages

The last two riders are both ROC team members, they finished 12th and 13th in the first qualifying round so are very evenly matched

Anastasiia Voinova takes the final heat over her team-mate Daria Shmeleva

The men's sprint is back on with the second round of the semis. Dmitriev is off against Hoogland, who is 1-0 up

Hoogland led that sprint from the front and, despite a late move by Dmitriev, was able to hold on for the line to take the second round and go into the gold medal final

Hear come Jack Carlin and Harrie Lavreysen. The Dutchman is 1-0 up so Carlin has to win here

It's a cagey and slow start to this semi final

Lavreysen did a good job to force Carlin to lead it from the front. The Brit had enough to fight right to the line but couldn't stop the rush of the Dutchman, who'll face his compatriot in the gold medal final

Carlin will now face Dmitriev in the bronze medal final

Home favourite Yuka Kobayashi (Japan) has just won the first repechages in the women's sprint. The four repechages races are three-woman races, but only one rider will qualify for the next round

Following the next two repechages we'll have the women's Madison. This is the first time the women have raced the Madison at the Olympic Games, and Britain's Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald will be strong contenders for gold,

The Madison is one of the most entertaining events on the track, but it can be hard to understand if you've not seen it before.

The women's Madison is a 30km event, so 120 laps of the track

15 pairs here in the Madison, so 30 riders in all on the track

And we're off, the women's Madison is underway. There's 12 intermediate sprints along the way, with points awarded if you gain a lap as well

First attack from France to try and gain a lap

The French team have been dragged back with a trio of from the Netherlands, Italy and GB trying to get clear

GB take the first sprint, Katie Archibald ahead of Kirsten Wild of the Netherlands.

There's a crash - one of the Italian riders has gone down with an Irish rider

Sprint 2 goes to GB as well, Laura Kenny beating Amy Pieters to the line

We're inside 100 laps to go

It looks like the Italians and the Irish teams have both riders back in the race after that crash

GB do it gain - Katie Archibald takes sprint 3 ahead of the Netherlands

There's 20 points available if you take a lap, while there's double points on the line right at the end of the race

The Australians take the fourth sprint but GB are still there in third with the Netherlands taking second again

We haven't really had any attacks in earnest yet to try and get a lap - we could see the stronger teams try as other riders begin to tire later in the race

A huge crash in the exchange there with a rider from Belgium and the Netherlands going down

Meanwhile GB take sprint five as Katie Archibald leads across the line

A Polish rider crashed as well but it does look like everyone brought down is back in the race. The crash was caused as the Netherlands went for an exchange and Georgia Baker of Australia rode between the Dutch pair. Kirsten Wild was the rider who went down for the Netherlands.

The Brits are looking imperious at the moment, Archibald and Kenny have timed their exchanges perfectly and have been involved in every sprint

Laura Kenny screams ahead of the pack to take sprint six, with France miles behind in second.

The Dutch have been given a warning after that crash

54 laps to go and the pace has slowed just slightly

The main bunch is quite severely reduced after several riders are separated, but it's the same two teams up there in sprint seven. Katie Archibald just managed to close in on an early attack from Amy Pieters to take maximum points

France have gone on the attack to try and gain a lap but GB are pursuing 

France and GB are now together out front but it's only Australia that are trying to chase at the moment

The bunch is quite fractured so the chase is not working at the moment

France and GB are still out front for sprint 8 which is taken by Katie Archibald. That's 7 of 8 sprints GB have won.

There's 37 laps to go and the Belgians are chasing down France and GB out front

ROC and Belgium have made the front group so it's a quartet in the lead - they're still half a lap off the rear of the bunch

Sprint 9 goes to GB as well, they are bossing these sprints.

There's a crash between Belgium and Australia

It was actually just a bad change from Belgium - the team-mates overlapped wheels and the rider changing in then fell down the track into the Aussie rider

22 laps to go and teams are running out of time to try and lap GB

Laura Kenny takes sprint 10 for GB, this is a brilliant performance. 

Denmark and ROC took a lap by the way - it's chaos out there but they've put themselves in a medal position after making their way to the rear of the bunch

For once GB don't take the sprint. Sprint 11 goes to France ahead of the Netherlands but GB remain in control

Seven laps to go and there's one more sprint, the final run to the line where double points are available

GB just need to stay safe here - Netherlands will be aiming for the final sprint to get on the podium

GB lead from the front in the final lap!

Gold for Great Britain! They steal a march in the final lap to take maximum points

Denmark have managed to hold on for second place, while ROC have taken third. But they were some way off contesting gold, with Britain absolutely miles ahead

Women's Madison results:

Onto the men's sprints now and we have GB's Jack Carlin versus Denis Dmitriev in the first of three races to decide the bronze medal.

Carlin forces Dmitriev up the track before darting back down and unleashing his sprint, successfully controlling the race and having too much speed for the Russian. 1-0.

Now it's the first first of the gold medal race between the two Dutchmen: Hoogland and Lavreysen.

Lavreysen led it out before Hoogland came swooping round, opening up a gap and then holding it as his compatriot closed coming up to the line. Hoogland is one win away from gold.

And now it's time for even more sprints, this time the women's 1/16.

Germany's Friedrich beat the American Godby in the first heat before Canada's Mitchell beat Australia's McCulloch.

With so much sprinting at these Games it feels like eventually we'll all get offered to have a go at it.

Another German rider through, Emma Hinze ousting China's Bao, while France's Mathilde Gros beats Japan's Yuka Kobayashi.

Ukraine's Olena Starikova managed to hold off a charging Ellesse Andrews of New Zealand after Genest (Canada) beat ROC's Voinova.

Dutchwoman Braspennincx does enough to get past China's Zong. The last heat sees Hong Kong's Lee Wai Zse up against GB's Katy Marchant.

Marchant trails former world champion Lee Wai Sze around the first lap before the Brit accelerated halfway through, opening up her sprint at the bell, the Hong Kong rider trying to close around the final bank but the Brit doing enough to progress.

Now back over to the men, with the second of the best of three in the medal races in the men's sprint.

Jack Carlin is up first with the chance to seal bronze against Dmitriev...

And he does it! Pushed all the way but claiming bronze, a huge cheer from the Brit after the line.

Hoogland vs. Lavreysen round two now...the battle of the identikit Dutchmen

Wow! Hoogland looked like he'd done just enough but then Lavreysen sneaks through at the last, sprinting with everything he has to pip his compatriot on the line. This one will need a decider.

Katie Archibald and Laura Kenny are now making their way to the podium to claim their Madison gold

Hoogland and Lavreysen are back out on the track ready to battle it out for gold.

Nearly coming a cropper as they dance through the opening stages of the final bout, Harrie Lavreysen then made it look fairly easy as he crossed the line to take gold, Hoogland seemingly paying for his earlier efforts.

Time for some repechages rounds in the women's sprint to give those who lost in the previous heats the chance to still progress in the competition. 

Hong Kong's Lee Wait Sze beats USA's Godby to progress, before China's Zong ousts Australia's McCulloch.

New Zealand's Andrews towers over Bao (China) and powers through to cross the line first

ROC's Voinova vanquishes Japan's Kobayashi and with that...I think...(whisper it) that might be all the sprinting for the day done..?

And that's it for the track events today, only two more days of track cycling remain at these Games. Tomorrow we have men's Madison and Kieren and the women's sprint.

The main news from this morning's racing:

Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald crush the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Madison to take gold

Some reaction from Tokyo:

A round-up of all the day's action:

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