Tokyo 2020 Olympics track cycling LIVE: Live updates from day two

More gold medals will be decided, including the women's team pursuit and the men's team sprint

This live blog is now closed, followed the latest updates from day three here: Tokyo 2020 Olympics track cycling LIVE: Day three updates from sprint, Keirin and team pursuit final

Good morning and welcome to live coverage from day two of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic track cycling events, including the women's team pursuit and men's team sprint finals 

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Good morning cycling fans!

Alex Ballinger here, digital news editor for Cycling Weekly, bringing you live updates from the second day of track racing at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Today I will be live blogging from the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome in south London, which has been home to some of the biggest names in cycling, including Ethan Hayter, who is currently competing in Tokyo as part of the men's team pursuit squad.  

Here is the schedule of events this morning: 

Tuesday, August 3, 3.30pm - 6.10pm Japan/7.30am - 10.10am UK

Women's Team Pursuit First round

Men's Team Sprint Qualifying

Men's Team Pursuit First round

Men's Team Sprint First round

Women's Team Pursuit Finals

Men's Team Sprint Finals

Women's Team Pursuit Victory Ceremony

Men's Team Sprint Victory Ceremony 

Big news already this morning for Team GB, as team pursuiter Ed Clancy has been forced to withdraw from the games due to back problems.

This also makes the end of Clancy's career as an Olympian.

Read the full story here: Ed Clancy forced to pull out of Tokyo 2020 Olympics, bringing his career to an end

Ed Clancy

(Image credit: Barrington Coombs/Getty Images for British Olympic Association)

The first competition up tonight is the first round of the team pursuit. This morning, two teams will go head-to-head on the track, to decide which medal they will compete for. 

Team GB are just about to hit the track now in their ride against the USA. The winner of this event will make it through to the gold medal ride.  

Katie Archibald pulling off the line for GB, and it's a great start, they're .3 of a second up on the US early.

US have now pulled ahead after 600m, the gap is .3 of a second. Now up to .5

USA continue to lead by almost a second after 1km, but Team GB are starting to pull it back now. The gap is down to .4 after 2,000m.  

Team GB back in the lead now! Katie Archibald doing an absolutely massive turn here, but it's insanely close. The gap is .132

USA pulling it back slightly after 2,800m, GB down to three riders as they continue to lead. This is so so close 

GB pulling out the lead with Katie Archibald back on the front. Gap is now half a second after 3600m. 

Chloe Dygert on the front for the USA. 

Half a lap to go and its Archibald vs Dygert, but Team GB are still and front and BOOM it's done! Team GB qualify for the gold medal race with a new world record! 

Oh no we've had a crash after the finish! 

Katie Archibald was talking on her slow down lap and went straight into the back of Neah Evans. They both look okay, no serious injuries luckily.  

Absolutely rapid time by GB, 4-06.748, a new world record, beating the time of 4-10.236 set by Germany yesterday. 

They beat the USA who had a time of 4-07.579. 

This is the decisive race for Team GB now, Germany vs Italy in the women's team pursuit.

The winner of this ride will go through to the gold medal final against Team GB. 

Germany are the clear favourites here after their blistering times yesterday. 

Italy are slightly up after the first lap by .3 of a second, but as we saw with Team GB in the last race Germany will be likely to close that gap down later into the race.  

Germany have just pulled ahead in this women's team pursuit race against Italy. 

They're .370 of a second up on their rivals after 1800m. They're extending the gap and looking very comfortable.  

Ah it's all gone wrong for Italy. They're down to three riders early and the gap is now 1.8 seconds. 

Looks like Germany have this wrapped up with 1,000m to go. 

Last lap and Germany have pulled out a huge gap now, almost three seconds. 

It's done, Germany win! That puts them through to the gold medal in the women's team pursuit final against Team GB later today. 

It's another world record as well, Germany have just nicked the WR set by Team GB about five minutes ago. 

It's a 4-06.166, beating Team GB's world record of 4-06.748. 

We're onto the qualifying round for the men's team pursuit now, Netherlands are currently the fastest team with a new Olympic record of 42.134, followed by Australia with a 42.371. 

New Zealand are currently on the track, but they've only managed the fourth fastest time with a 43.066.

Team GB on track now, with Ryan Owens, Jack Carlin and Jason Kenny. 

Lively atmosphere here at Herne Hill Velodrome, as Team GB are up on the Netherlands after the first lap. 

GB still quickest as Jason Kenny hits out for his final lap but he slipped back slightly. It's still a very good time for Kenny and GB with a 42.231, a fraction slower than the Dutch Olympic record of 42.134. 

That's the qualifying done for the men's team sprint. 

Here's the rankings:

1. Netherlands, 42.143
2. Great Britain, 42.231
3. Australia, 42.371
4. France, 43.722
5. New Zealand, 43.066
6. ROC, 43.097
7. Germany, 43.140
8. Poland, 43.516

Next up it's the men's team pursuit round one, 

Germany vs Canada is first up, and Germany have taken the early lead after 250m. 

Canada are currently leading by .8 of a second after 1,000m  and they're continuing to extend their advantage.  

Canada are pulling out a big gap now, it's above a second at the halfway point and it's too much for Germany to pull back now. 

Canada win their first round race against Germany in the men's team pursuit by a big margin. 

It's a 3-46.769 for Canada, beating Germany with a 3-48.861

Next up in the men's team pursuit it's Switzerland vs Australia. 

Australia had a nightmare yesterday, when one of their riders crashed mid run when their aero bars snapped. The Aussies were allowed to ride again but had to settle fo a disappointing time.

It's looking better for Australia today as they lead after 500m. 

Australia are more than two seconds up on Switzerland after 1,000m, they're storming through this run. 

It looks like the Aussies want to catch Switzerland and get in the slipstream to help them get rapid time. 

Just over half way and Australia are a quarter of a lap behind the Swiss team. 

New Olympic record for Australia and applause here for the team at Herne Hill Velodrome. 

That s a time of 3-44.902 for the Australians, which is a solid time as they hope for a chance at the bronze medal. 

Switzerland with a time of 3-49.111. 

Now this next head is a fascinating one, Italy vs New Zealand in the men's team pursuit first round.

This Italian squad features Filippo Ganna, who had a lot left over at the finish after the qualifying round. 

Italy are up after 1,000m but it's close. There's 0.09 in it 

New Zealand have pulled ahead! 

This is a huge battle as the winner of this heat will go through to the gold medal race in the men's team pursuit. 

New Zealand might have this won! 

Last lap and Italy trail by 0.06

Wow now that was a race, absolutely rapid as Italy take the victory with a new world record! 

New Zealand led for most of that heat, but Filippo Ganna hit the front and completely flipped the tables for Italy 

It's a 3-42.307 world record for Italy, who now go through to the gold medal final. 

Next up it's the final heat, Team GB vs Denmark, with the winner going up against Italy in the gold medal final tomorrow. 

Here we go this is the big one, a lot of excitement here at Herne Hill Velodrome, where Ethan Hayter kicked off his cycling career. 

Denmark vs GB in the men's team pursuit is under way. 

Denmark are up after half a lap. 

All cheers here at Herne Hill for GB, as Denmark are now trailing by 0.3 of a second. 

Denmark pulling it back slightly and are now a fraction again after 1,300m 

Denmark starting to pull ahead now, they're .9 up at the halfway mark. 

Denmark have really pulled ahead now, they're more than two seconds up on Team GB now. 

One of the Team GB riders has become detached from the back of the unit into the final lap but woah more drama, there's been a crash out on the course. 

The Danish train have just ploughed into the back of the Team GB rider who was trailing off the back. 

So it looks like what has happened:

Charlie Tanfield was dropped by the two riders in the Team GB unit into the final and lost a lot of ground.

Meanwhile the Denmark train was flying around the track and caught Tanfield, but the leading Danish rider wasn't looking ahead and ploughed back into the back of Tanfield. 

The two Danish riders behind were able to avoid the crash, but it's a bizarre incident. It's not actually clear what happens now, but we've moved onto the men's team sprint. 

Here's some thoughts from Cycling Weekly columnist Dr Hutch on that incident in the men's team pursuit between Denmark and Team GB. 

See more
See more

In the first heat for round one of the men's team sprint, France have just beaten New Zealand with a time of 42.294. 

Onto the second heat and it's Australia vs ROC and Australia have taken the win with a new Olympic record of 42.103. 

Here's how round one works in the men's team sprint: 

The fastest two winning teams race for the gold and silver medals, and the other two winning teams race for the bronze medal. The four losing teams dispute the finals for 5th to 6th places, and 7th to 8th places, based on their times from the first round. 

Germany vs GB is the next men's team sprint race on the boards. And they're away. 

GB are slightly ahead on the first lap, and again still ahead on the second lap! Jason Kenny hits the final lap and BOOM he wins! 

It's a new Olympic medal and big applause for the Brit here in the cafe at Herne Hill Velodrome. 

It's a 41.829 for Team GB and Kenny, putting them in good position to make it through to the gold medal finals. 

Netherlands vs Poland now in the last of the men's team sprint heats. 

Netherland are up at the first lap and they're extending their advantage over the second lap.

Into the final and the Dutch rider is flying across the line.

Comfortable victory for the Netherlands and ANOTHER Olympic record with a 41.431. 

That means it's GB and the Netherlands who have qualified for the men's team sprint gold medal race, securing them at least a silver medal.  

Now it's the big one - time for the women's team pursuit finals. 

First up it's New Zealand vs France. 

From PA's Ian Parker, who is out in Tokyo covering the games,

Looks like there's still no decision on the winner of Denmark vs GB in the men's team pursuit after the Danish train crashed into the back of Britain's Charlie Tanfield. 

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France have just won their women's team pursuit finals against New Zealand, which means New Zealand have finished eighth, and France take seventh place. 

Here's a short update on the crash in the men's team pursuit between GB and Denmark: 

Danish rider crashes into back of GB's Charlie Tanfield during team pursuit heat

Frederik Madsen and Charlie Tanfield crash in the team pursuit at Tokyo 2020

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Now in the women's TP it's Australia vs Italy in the race for sixth and fifth place. 

Australia are up by .3 after 2,000m

We have a decision from the organisers of Tokyo 2020 after the crash between the Danish and Team GB pursuit squads.

Denmark will go through to the final against Italy. 

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Meanwhile Australia have won their race against Italy in the women's TP to take fifth place, Italy finish sixth. 

Now it's Canada vs USA for the bronze medal. 

USA are pulling ahead in the bronze medal race against Canada, 1s up after 1,300m. 

Canada are pulling it back however, USA have .6 of a second half way. 

And USA have done it, they take the bronze medal in the women's team pursuit finals. They dominated that race over Canada, taking control early and keeping it, even after losing a bit of time in the middle section of the race.  

Now it's the gold medal final in the women's team pursuit, between Germany and GB! 

More confirmation from British Cycling that Denmark progress through to the men's TP final after the crash with Team GB. 

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Back to the women's TP final between GB and Germany and they're out of the gate. Katie Archibald leads for GB and they're .2 up after the start. 

Gemany are back ahead now after 600m by 0.5 of a second. 

GB are now 1.3 down after 1,000m. It's a big margin for Germany who have gone out rapidly at the start. 

The gap continues to grow to 1.6 after 1,500m. 

Germany continue to extend the lead to 1.8, now out to 2 seconds at the halfway mark.

Storming ride by Germany so far. 

We're into the final 1,000m of the women's TP final and Germany are leading by a big margin, three seconds. 

Germany are very quickly catching GB, both teams on the same straight now with 500m to go. 

It's gold for Germany with an unbelievable time, a new world record of 4-04.249.

Team GB had no chance there, putting out a 4-10.607. 

Gold medal for Germany in the women's team pursuit and silver for Team GB squad. 

No time to rest as we're now into the men's team sprint finals, as New Zealand and Poland go head-to-head for eight and seventh places. 

New Zealand take the win to finish seventh in the Olympic men's team sprint with a 43.703

Poland finish eighth. 

Next up we have the Russian Olympic Committee vs Germany for fifth and sixth place in the men's team sprint finals. 

Looks like we have an issue out on the track so it's a restart. 

After a second false start in ROC vs Germany, they've now skipped that race and we're onto Australia vs France for the bronze medal rides in the men's team sprint.  

Australia got the better start out of the gate and are ahead after one lap, but it's very close. 

France now pulling ahead on the second lap however and it's France who take the bronze medal! 

They finish with a time of 42.33. 

Here's the full story on the women's team pursuit finals: 

Germany unstoppable as they beat Great Britain to women's team pursuit gold 

The German women team pursuit squad at Tokyo 2020

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Time for the gold medal final now in the men's team sprint, between the Netherlands and Team GB.

For GB it's Ryan Owens, Jack Carlin and Jason Kenny as the last man. 

Netherlands got the better start but it's so so close. 

Kenny looks like he's slipped back however, he's lost contact and is dropped by his team, leaving the Netherlands to blast into gold with a new Olympic record.

It's another silver medal for Team GB. 

It's another Olympic record for the Netherlands with their time of 41.369.

After Jason Kenny was dropped  GB finished with a time of 44.589. 

That's the end of racing from today's event. 

Two sets of medals handed out in the women's team pursuit and the men's team sprint.

Silver for GB in both events. 


Here is the round-up from day two of the Tokyo 2020 track events, including a round-up of medals: 

Tokyo 2020 Olympics track day two: More records tumble, another shock crash and two silvers for Team GB

Germany almost catching Great Britain in the Olympic team pursuit final

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Here is the reaction from the women's team pursuit squad after their silver medal: 

'Germany took everyone by surprise,' says Laura Kenny after team pursuit silver medal 

Next it's the final for fifth and sixth place in the men's team pursuit.

It's Canada vs Germany and Canada are dominating early on. They're down to three riders early but they're still flying. Canada finish fifth, setting a time of 3-46.324 with Germany finishing sixth. 

Now it's onto the bronze medal race, Australia vs New Zealand. 

 It's close after 500m as the Australian's lead by just 0.018.