Meet the new HED Jet 180 - the lovechild of a disc wheel and a giant hole punch that could be coming to a dual carriageway near you

HED have released an intriguing-looking disc wheel in time for the Ironman World Championships in Kona - but will it catch on elsewhere?

HED Jet 180 wheel
(Image credit: HED)

If you follow any triathlon accounts on Twitter, you’ll probably have noticed a little bit of a fuss being kicked up on the “Jet 180” *definitely not a disc* wheel, disc wheel made by HED. Well, it’s not a disc wheel but you can view the picture yourself. It looks like the love child of a disc wheel and a giant hole punch - the point of it is to obtain the aero benefits of the disc in scenarios where a disc wheel isn’t allowed. 

This wheel is everything I love about triathlon! It has, generally speaking, unrestrictive bike rules that allow (some very funny) innovations to take place. I wonder how many people will pair it with a Cadex triathlon bike

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