Brim Brothers wearable power meter will not be delivered

The company says its design, funded on Kickstarter, was too difficult to put into production

We’ve covered a range of new designs for budget power meters. They tend to be crowdfunded and offer something different from the mainstream brands, but a number seem to have come unstuck, with Limits announcing several delays on its crank-based design.

Brim Brothers, based in Dublin, is the latest to run aground. It floated a design for Speedplay-only power meter which sat between your pedal and your cleat, with a separate cadence sensor which sat on top of your shoe attached to your laces.

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Power meters are expensive gadgets but they’re also very useful for measuring your effort and progression when training, so they make an attractive opportunity for new entrants who can develop a cheaper product.

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The Brim Brothers design smashed its Kickstarter crowdfunding target of 100,000 Euros in under 24 hours, offering single sided power measurement for around £300 and £600 for double sided measurement.

Brim Brothers Zone DPMX power meter 2

The cadence sensor was designed to attach to the top of your shoes

The announcement from the firm said that it had run out of cash. Its downfall seems to have been an inability to produce consistent results from its product along with scaling up from the prototype to production volumes.

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It’s bad news for the funders of the company, who will lose their investment and not see a finished product delivered. Barry Redmond, Brim Brothers’ CEO admitted that the company had taken on bigger technical challenges than any other power meter designer and apologised to its supporters and employees that after eight years’ development the company had fallen short at the last hurdle and was unable to deliver.