The Elite Real Tour gives an excellent platform to do the more specific training that can be hard to perform on the open road.

Consisting of everything needed to get started, including the front wheel riser, the Real Tour package was a dream to set up and use. The software installation was problem free which, combined with the simple bike set-up, made the entire initial preparation last less than an hour. Subsequent set-up is about 15 minutes, so it?s easy to get ready for an evening training session.

The included DVD has various training programmes of differing intensities plus a virtual reality route. The on-screen stats plus progress indicator provide a certain amount of interest with the now-essential power reading, which gave a comparable result when used in conjunction with a power meter.

Quite simply the Real Tour is an excellent addition to any serious cyclist?s training routine. A simple to set-up, work straight out of the box training solution that doesn?t break the bank.

Madison: www.ultimatepursuits.co.uk