12 strange things from the 2015 Tour de France

It's a lot more than just bike racing

1.  Giant-Alpecin’s Simon Geschke had his shoes stolen…

2. These guys looked for optimum viewing position, as well a way to stay out of the wind. Hard to say if this is the ideal method.

Tour de France 2015 127

This was at least two hours before the race was due to pass through… (Daniel Gould)

3. There’s a Didi impersonator out there somewhere, despite the fact real Didi is back and going strong. Surely some kind of copyright infringment.

4. When this postman went a bit crazy because the roads in Utrecht were closed.

5. The time that someone left this big bin of bread outside in the rain.


6.  The sad story of the cat stuck in the Astana car.

7. The high volume of polka-dot equidae


Not having fun (Sunada)


Definitely not having fun (Sunada)

8. The fact that you can get a hair cut and a shave in the start village


So much choice. (Sunada)

9. Michael Rasmussen turned up. But it didn’t seem anyone noticed.

RASMUSSEN Michael403p

The Rasmussen media scrum (Sunada)

10. Aerodynamics are no substitute for tradition.

Native american tour de france

Did he ride up the Pyrenees in that? (Catchpole)

11. When this protester did this in Paris.


12. This bidon chasing incident

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