Simon Cowell claims 'I would have gone through the whole thing again' after breaking back in e-bike crash last year

Cowell broke his back in an e-bike accident last August near his home in Malibu

Simon Cowell riding an e-bike
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Simon Cowell is back riding on an electric bike again a year after breaking his back in an accident while cycling, claiming that it has made him stronger.

Cowell fell off what he claimed was an e-bike near his home in Malibu, California last August, breaking his back and causing him to undergo surgery. 

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Despite that, Cowell looks at the accident in a positive light, stating that he feels lucky he wasn't paralysed from the accident.

Speaking in an interview with Extra, Cowell said: “If it had been another millimetre, then it would have been a different story."

Despite the near-catastrophic results from the crash, the British TV personality claims that recovering from his broken back helped him to become stronger today.

“Honestly, if I could rewind, I would have gone through the whole thing again," he said. "Just because I feel better now.

“Even though it hurt like hell at the time.”

The 62-year-old is back cycling now though, riding a pedal-assisted e-bike. He attributes his e-bike to helping him get back to exercising, riding ten miles a day with the help of the electric power.

“My most creative time is now when I cycle, because I cycle even though it's an e-bike. I still got to pedal and I do about 10 miles a day… even though I had an accident on one. That was more an electric motorbike; these are called pedal-assist bikes, and they're brilliant."

The America's Got Talent judge has managed to make a full recovery, and is now back working in the United States.

"That expression ‘get back on your bike,’ with me, it was literal. I feel better than I did because I exercise so much more.”

However, the Bicycle Association argued that Cowell was riding an electric motorbike, not an e-bike, at the time of the crash.

According to reports, Cowell was riding a Swind EB-01, which runs on 15 kilowatts of electricity and is capable of speeds up to 60mph - UK law imposes a maximum speed limit of 15.5mph on e-bikes.

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